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American Centennial Quilt - George and Martha Washington
« on: February 19, 2011, 08:33:09 PM »
For the 2011 Washington Birthday Celebration at New Bridge Landing we have put on exhibit the American Centennial Quilt featuring George and Martha Washington. At the Steuben House.

Cotton handkerchiefs (patent date on fabric, 1875) sold at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition held at Fairmount Park. Quilted prints of George and Martha Washington in center; other blocks display national flags and coats-of-arms, historic American flags. Made by Sarah Cooper Hill who married Andrew Winters Christie in 1859. It was made at 310 Main Street, Hackensack in 1875 and exhibited at the Centennial Exposition. Donated by Mr. H.C. Van winkle, Southbury, CT, grandson of the maker. Date: 1875. Fabric: cotton. Size: 78"x64".
By Kevin Wright, Ladies Ramble, published 1996.

We also have on exhibit 2 large mezzotint portraits of George and Martha (Martha as a young woman), c. 1852, for the first time. I had the prints framed this week, made possible by donations by members and friends.
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