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I was able to gain  access several years ago before the property was sold.
I appreciate finding the Bergan County Historical Society website. This discussion cleared up questions I had about the artist who painted a picture I love that I found recently in a thrift store. It is signed Newman. Now I now his full name and bio. If anyone has any info about this painting I would appreciate seeing it. This painting seems atypical to other paintings I have seen.
Genealogy / Re: Carlock Park
« Last post by BLeafe on March 22, 2017, 10:07:18 AM »
I've never heard of Carlock Park. A location would help. Is it in Bergen County?

With next-to-no information, I found two possibilities from 1977. If I had to make a desperate guess, I'd say his first name is William and the park might be in Fairview, NJ.

From a "carlock park nj" search:

3-2-77 Asbury Park Press (you will have to join for a free trial just to see the page............I didn't): (see below Google search result which mentions Bergen County and William Carlock Park)

From a "carlock park bergen" search:

8-5-77 The Daily Register, Shrewsbury, NJ: (a long pdf you'll have to wade through.............I didn't do that either, but the Google search result below mentions Fairview  and English Neighborhood, of which Ridgefield and Fairview were part. That was actually a mention of English Neighborhood Park in Fairview, so maybe they're related or even the same park. You'll have to check with Fairview for any more Carlock Park info.

One last thing: I just found a "Carlock Field" in Rochelle Park, NJ, but no mention of its naming history. For that, check with Rochelle Park.

Good luck - let us know what you discover.


Genealogy / Carlock Park
« Last post by pcschwa on March 21, 2017, 02:20:28 PM »
Looking for Grandfathers First Name.  Carlock Park was named after him.  I remember being there, but I was only 3-4 years old.
General Discussion about Local History / Re: Boarding school in Ridgewood
« Last post by Gordon on January 25, 2017, 02:11:16 PM »
I was a January child and my parents wanted to start my schooling earlier than the public school system allowed. :P  Hence my introduction into Fornachon Hall at age four in 1955.  I remember that kindergarten was in the basement and 1st through 6th was on the first floor on the west side of the building.  One memory (of only a few) that still gives me a chuckle happened during the second grade.  The teacher, Mrs. Campbell, had to step out for some reason and told us to keep working and not talk.  I being anti-social kept quiet, just looking around the room while all of the others started talking.  The room had a front and rear hall entrance and I happened to glance back and saw Mrs. Campbell watching us from the rear entrance, so I quickly started working.  She then went to the front of the room and said to the class: "Everybody but Gordon come with me to get your mouths washed out with soap."  After the class left, a parent came to the door and asked where everybody was, and I replied "getting their mouths washed out with soap."  I also witnessed Mrs. Campbell smacking student's knuckles with a wooden ruler, the good old days of mild corporal punishment.  I was there K-2 (followed by Willard, Ridge when it opened in 1960, then GW and RHS).  My two older brothers, Jim and Alan, attended Fornachon for one or two years while I was there as well.
At the halfway point of my Main St walk (and back) on Christmas, I photographed the Veterans' Circle of Honor at the Bergen County Courthouse. Because it was all in shadow and the background was blazing with reflected sunlight - the wrong time of day to shoot this - I could not get a usable shot of all 6 of the monuments at once, so I shot them individually and PhotoShopped them all together in 2 rows of 3 each.

The back of each monument shows the aircraft that is most-associated with that particular war. I put that together in reverse order from how I shot them, so the two composites would match up. The bottom part of the second image is actually the top part of the same monument, but taken from the back of it (and higher above it).

This link gives more information about the site and shows the monuments all lined up in one shot:


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