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Arcola was on Passaic Street in Rochelle Park.
General Discussion about Local History / Revisiting Bergen Pines
« Last post by BLeafe on June 19, 2017, 12:47:01 PM »
from today's Record:

YES!  I have given thought about converting my old 8 mm movies of the OLD MILL STREAM BATHING BEACH, however have not got around to working on that particular roll of film.  Have done a number of old films, but it takes time since I do it myself with my home equipment. Even at 78 years old, I am quite busy with my other hobbies and maintaining my home swimming pool here in Tucson, Arizona...have progressed to being the "CABANA BOY" of our backyard pool.  Having spent 7 years of my youth working at the Old Mill Stream Beach, I obtained a wealth of information regarding the maintaining of swimming pools.
Did you know there were 3 bathing beaches on Paramus Road?  ARCOLA, THE OLD MILL BATHING BEACH, & PARAMUS BEACH/
Back in the 50's & 60's there was great competition among the pool owners for customers.  Many people would travel from New York City to spend the day at these pools.  ARCOLA pool was all concrete, whereas the other two were sandy bottoms.
I can remember at the end of the season, usually after LABOR DAY, we would close the pool and drain all the water out & wash the sandy bottom of all the debris.  The owners, Frank & Dot Roehrich would spend the winter season in Florida, then come back to Paramus in the Spring to fill the pool with fresh artesian well water.
Great info, Lew - thanks!

Have you given any thought to digitizing the 8mm movies and reaching a LOT more people than you would reach here by putting them on YouTube?

Of course, we would post the YouTube link(s) here to help spread the word.

If assistance with the conversion process is needed, I'm sure we could find someone to help out.
More information on the OLD MILL STREAM BATHING BEACH, Paramus.  At age 78, it's difficult to remember all the facts from the past, however, if my memory serves me, the owners of the HOT DOG STAND at the Old Mill, were Jenny & Gerard BROCK.  Jen was the sister of DORIS (Dot) Roehrich.
Their daughter, RITA married Daniel Yandrasevich.  They owned "RIDAN CONSTRUCTION" company in Westwood.  Dan built many homes in the North Jersey area.  I think he is still alive living in Oakland, NJ.
His ex-wife, Rita passed away in Florida a couple of years ago.
Doris (Dot) & Frank Roehrich inherited the OLD MILL STREAM BATHING BEACH from Frank's father who build the man-man lake fed by artesian well water in the early 40's.
Frank Roehrich maintained the beach until his death when his son-in-law, Charles Hoffmann took over the property with his wife Carol Roehrich.
The other daughter, Joan Roehrich married Larry Mott who was also a life guard & head of maintance at the Old Mill.   Larry & Carol later divorced and Larry moved to New York State.   
I had many wonderful times at the OLD MILL from the summer of 1952 until 1959, when I went to work for Daniel Yandrasevich (RIDAN Construction, Westwood, NJ) as a carpenter every summer.  I learned a lot about building houses. & after I retired from US Government Service, I built my retirement dream home in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
I would love to hear from others who spent their summers at the OLD MILL, & especially if they remembered more personal stories from their summers swimming at the Old Mill Stream on Paramus Road.
Yes, I remember the OLD MILL STREAM BATHING BEACH on Paramus Road.  It was the summer of 1952 that my dad purchased me a season pass.  I road my bicycle from Paterson every day during that summer.  Dot & Frank Roehrich were the owners and since I was there every day, they offered me a job at 60 cents/hour.  I was only 13 years old at the time and had to obtain a work permit.  To make a very long story short, I worked at the Old Mill every summer for 7 years until the summer of 1959.  I personally knew the owners, Frank & Doris as well as their son-in-laws, Larry Mott & Charlie Hoffmann as well as their daughters Carol & Joan Roehrich.  The "HOT DOG STAND" was operated by Dot's sister & her husband (Gerard).
Also have 8mm movies of the swimming pool.  I eventually became Head Life Guard and was making a huge amount of money at the time, $3.50/hours, working 7 days a week and 10 hours a day, and attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck
Graduated with a BS Degree in Mathematics (Class of 61') and taught at Eastside High School, Paterson.  Lew Stallman, retired in Tucson, Arizona.
So far, so good.  Creative solution to preservation.  However, unless a preservation easement was put on the house or other changes to the zoning made to ensure the survival of the house, this will be a "save" one business at a time. 
Genealogy / Lutkins family
« Last post by Mike on May 23, 2017, 09:54:17 PM »
George Washington stayed overnight at the Lutkins' house on Passaic Street, now Rochelle Park. House was built by Peter Lutkins in 1760, and is registered with The Library Of Congress.  Any chance of getting a marker for the location?
I did a quick 3-photo stitch today of the fully-completed project.

Click it to enlarge and scroll to the left.

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