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The Revolutionary War in Bergen County:
The Times that Tried Men’s Souls
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No. 1
Bergen County History, 1975
Includes Burdett's Ferry, British Landing, Ramapo Mtn. People, Hackensack Valley Indians, Other Mtn. People, Troop Movements of 1776.
Paper, 112 pp. $12.00

No. 2
Bergen County History, 1976
Includes Articles on Amer. Rev. repr. from 1829 "N.J. Journal" & Vol. XXLIX "Harper's Magazine," Composite Map of the 13 Colonies in 1776, B.C. Oath of Allegiance, B.C. Patriots, British & Hessian Accts. of the Invasion, Ewald Diary, Photos of B.C. Houses, Troop Movements of 1777.
Paper, 103 pp. $15.00 Quantity Limited

No. 3
Bergen County History, 1977
Includes Articles on Old Hackensack, 75 Yr. History of B.C.H.S., Liberty Pole.
Paper, 135 pp. $12.00

No. 4
Bergen County History, 1988
Includes Articles on Hermitage Tiles, Burr Indictment, Early Hackensack, First B.C.H.S., Kinderkamack, Fort at Sidman's, Almshouse, Ramapo Church, 1893 Map of Bergen County.
Paper, 96 pp. $12.00

No. 5
Revolutionary War
Round Table Papers, 1960
Special publication of B.C.H.S. includes: Action at Paramus, Ft. Lee Bluff, Loyalists of Bergen Co., Robert Erskine, Anthony Wayne and more.

No. 6
Jack Was Earnest
by Reginald McMahon
The story of Jack Earnest, a black slave born c. 1775 near the borough of Rockleigh, NJ. Becoming "free" in his mid-thirties, Jack purchased a small plot of land which became a magnet for other former slaves and evolved into a thriving community during the 19th century in today's Borough of Alpine, New Jersey, along the top of the Palisades. (1984)
Pamphlet, b&w photos & maps, 31pp. $5.00

No. 7
The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley
by Adrian C. Leiby
Highly acclaimed and richly drawn portrait of the British invasion of Bergen County and its impact on the lives of the local Jersey Dutch families during the period 1775-1783. (1999) Paper, illus., 329 pp. $22.00

No. 8
Black Resistance in Colonial and Revolutionary Bergen County, New Jersey

by Graham Hodges
Nearly 1,000 Afro-American slaves lived in Bergen County in the early 1770's. This scholarly work explains the significance of collective black resistance against slavery in Bergen County during the American Revolution. (1989)
Pamphlet, 35 pp. $5.00

No. 9
Historic Site Markers in Bergen County

Photos and descriptions of 137 historic sites in Bergen County which are designated with the distinctive blue and silver markers of the BCHS. (1996)
Paper with comb binding, 110pp. $15.00

No. 10
The Tree of Life: Selections from Bergen County Folk Art
Catalog of the Tricentennial exhibit of Bergen County Folk Art includes descriptions and photos of the extensive collection of the BCHS. (1983)
Paper, b&w photos, index, 47 pp. $20.00

No. 12
Bergen Summer 1779, The Enterprise Against Paulus Hook

by Craig Mitchell
Two and a half years into the war, Major "Light Horse Harry" Lee launched a daring and successful raid against Col. Van Buskirk's Tory troops stationed at Paulus Hook. (1979)
Pamphlet, 46 pp. $5.00

No. 14
Ladies Ramble

by Kevin Wright
Two and a half years into the war, Major "Light Horse Harry" Lee launched a daring and successful raid against Col. Van Buskirk's Tory troops stationed at Paulus Hook. (1979)
Pamphlet, 46 pp. $5.00

No. 15
Ackerman Homesteads
Subtitled "A Saga of Ackerman Lives and Times"; a history and genealogy of homesteads and churches in Bergen Co. which are associated with the descendants of David and Lysbeth Ackerman who migrated from the Netherlands in 1662. (1990)
Paper, 159 pp. $15.00

No. 17
A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800

by Firth Haring Fabend
Award winning look at a large colonial American family (the Harings) and their Hackensack Valley neighbors over five generations. Focuses on social customs, political and religious life. (1991)
Cloth, 24 b&w illus., 304 pp. $35.00

No. 19
The Ramapo Mountain People

by David Steven Cohen
Traces the origins, folklore and history of this fascinating mixed-ancestry group of mountain people who settled in the rugged Ramapo Mountain region of New Jersey / New York. First paperback edition. (1986)
Paper, index, 306 pp. $24.00

No. 20
T.R. Cooper's Chair Factory Early Industry in Rural Schraalenburg
by Betty Schmelz, Irene Fitzgerald, Catherine Marchbank and Charles B. Szeglin
Brief history of Schraalenburgh (Bergenfield) followed by descriptions of Tunis R. Cooper's chair manufacturing business which thrived from 1859 to 1863. Numerous old photos of area, people and chairs. (1985)
Paper, photos, bibliog., index, 40 pp. $12.00

No. 21
The Revolutionary War at New Bridge Landing
The book was written by Mary Donohue and illustrated by George Fernandez, longtime residents of River Edge.
This children's book tells the story of the important role that New Bridge Landing and the Steuben House played in the history of our Independence.  The entire proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the museum building fund of the Bergen County Historical Society - No discount. Color, $20.00, $3.12 shipping. Available on PayPal

No. 22
The Massacre at Old Tappan

by William S. Stryker
Brief but graphic description of the brutal massacre of Col. George Baylor's Continental Troopers on September 28, 1778; prepared by N.J. Adj. Gen. Stryker and read before the N.J. Hist. Soc., Jan. 23, 1879. (1882 with new cover.)
Pamphlet, 12 pp. $5.00

No. 23
Baron von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual
Facsimile of Steuben's drill manual originally published in 1794 which helped transform the Continental troops into a precision array; commonly known as the army's "blue book." (1985)
Paper, 8 b&w illus., 192 pp. $8.95

No. 24
Stubborn for Liberty

by Alice P. Kenney
Fascinating history of the early Dutch Immigrants; traces culture of the New Netherland Founders from their Old World beginnings and their influence on New World ideals of freedom and political tolerance. (1975)
Paper, illustr., index, 318 pp. $19.95

No. 26
The Sensible Cook

by Peter G. Rose
Handsomely illustrated with photos from old Dutch paintings; a classic cookbook of 17th century Netherlands and New Netherlands translated into English; two dozen recipes adapted for contemporary use. (1989)
Cloth, 26 illustr., glossary, index, 168 pp. $24.95

No. 27
Remembrance of Patria: Dutch Arts & Culture in Colonial America, 1609 - 1776

by Roderic H. Blackburn & Ruth Piwonka
Published in connection with the 1986 Tricentennial exhibition in Albany, NY, this beautiful book is filled with illustrations of antiques from museums and private collections (including B.C.H.S.) which describe the role of the Dutch in colonial America. (1987)
Cloth, index, illus., 318 pp. $65.00

No. 28
New World Dutch Studies
ed. by Roderic H. Blackburn and Nancy Kelley
A companion to "In Remembrance of Patria"; the proceedings of a symposium of world scholars and experts on the early Dutch, includes 15 essays including: "The Dutch and American Kas," "Dutch Daily Life Popular Culture," "Dutch American Farming," etc. (1987)
Paper, b&w illus., 200 pp. $25.00

No. 29
Camp Merritt

by Howard W. Rose
Newspaper accounts and personal remembrances provide the background for this history of Camp Merritt, the sole embarcation camp for U.S. soldiers during W.W.I, which once encompassed over 580 acres of six Bergen Co. towns. (1984)
Paper, b&w illus., large. print, 162 pp. $15.00
No longer available.

No. 30
A Church, A Cannon and Old Bergen
by Reginald McMahon
Details the history of our "lost" antique cannon, which used to grace the front yard of the Steuben House; includes factual background and evidence of its origins and eventual disappearance. (1992)
Pamphlet, b&w photos, map & notes, 12 pp. $5.00

No. 31
The Death and Burial of General Enoch Poor
by Reginald McMahon
Recounts the final days and the moving funeral tribute to the famous Rev. War hero who lies buried in the "Church on the Green" cemetery in Hackensack. (1992)
Pamphlet, b&w photos, map & notes, 24 pp. $5.00

No. 32
The Hackensack Indian Dugout Canoe
by Reginald McMahon
Traces the discovery and probable early history of B.C.H.S.'s most popular exhibit (on display at the Von Steuben House) which was given to us in 1904 after a unique "second career." (1992)
Pamphlet, b&w photos, map & notes, 18 pp. $5.00

Dutch Recipes-From a Colonial Kitchen

compiled by Helena Hora
76 delicious recipes handed down from parent to child for many years; converted to modern measurements; includes historical notes and bibliography.
Paper, b&w photos, 96 pp. $10.00

No. 35
Revolutionary War Chronology & Almanac 1754-83

by Harv Hilowitz
A concise summary of key events leading to and throughout the war. Perfect for a brief but better understanding of the "whole picture."
Paper, maps, bibliography, 48 pp. $7.50

No. 36
Gunther Van Winkle and the Half Moon
by Meredith Hughes
A delightful modern tale about a young descendant of the famous "Rip" and his adventure with the "little old men,"the crew off Henry Hudson's "Half Moon."
Paper, illus., approx. 50 pp. $9.95

No. 37
Turkey Feathers-Tales of Old Bergen County
by Rosa A. Livingston
"True" stories, passed by word of mouth over generations about life in the lower Hudson Valley; from Oratam, Chief of the Hackensacks to Gen. Geo. Washington, plus the author's authoratative notes on each chapter.
Not presently available.
Paper, illus., 168 pp. $12.00

No. 38
A Chronicle of Major André of Tappan
compiled by Claire K. Tholl
A documentary history of the Arnold-André affair including a wonderful array of photos, illustrations and maps compiled by our eminent historian.
Paper, illus., 48 pp. $6.00

No. 39
New Jersey and the Revolutionary War
by Alfred Hoyt Bill
A detailed look at the war in "the Jerseys." from 1775 to the cantonment at Morristown in 1780; excellent maps & illust. plus bibliography. for further research.
Paper, illus., 48 pp. $11.95

No. 40
History of Bergen and Passaic Counties
by W. W. Clayton and William Nelson
A reprint of the earliest (1882) and best of the histories of Bergen County; provides accurate details on the Rev. War; incl. civil lists, history of local industries, establishment of townships, and bios of notable citizens; includes an all new, everyname index.
Not presently available.
Cloth, b&w, index. $76.50

No. 41
The British Invasion & Washington's Retreat, November 20-21, 1776

by Claire K. Tholl, updated 2015 by Deborah Powell, Todd Braisted, Kevin Wright
The map illustrates events that took place in Bergen County November 20 & 21, 1776 -- described as the closest call of the war for Washington's army. Updates include routes, times and details of events in color, and newly discovered information. Present day streets and highways are also shown to orient the modern reader. Standard size, 24x18" for easy framing. (1992)(2015)
10 pt matte card stock, in color. $21.50 BCHS member, $23.50 non-members. Add $5.00 for rolled and tube mailing. Available on PayPal.

No. 42
Indigenous Place Names in North Eastern New Jersey

by Kevin Wright
This 16" x 14" map pinpoints the location of and translates 74 Lenape place names in the Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, and Rockland County area; early paths and roads are also illustrated. (1994)
Heavy stock paper, b&w. $8.00 (Folded and mailed flat. Add $3.00 for rolled and tube mailing)

No. 43
Bergen Co. "Families" Tote
A new offering, available from the BCHS, is their Bergen County Historical "Family" Bag. The unbleached canvas tote bag is 14.5" square, printed in blue with blue straps, and opens to about 4.5". $15.00

No. 45
Palisades Amusement Park - A Century of Fond Memories

by Vince Gargiulo
Heavily illustrated with many never-before-published photos and packed with fun facts, this wonderful book traces the history of the park from its beginning as a picnic ground in 1898 until it closed in 1971. A real gem! (1998) Cloth, illus. (15 color illus.), 203 pp. ) $29.95

No. 46
Palisades Amusement Park - A Century of Fond Memories

Narrated by Ken Burns
Features interviews with park personnel, historians, and celebrities. Originally shown on P.B.S., this 90 minute video captures the passion of this great amusement park. (1998) V.H.S. format, approx. 90 min. $29.95

No. 47
The Long Retreat - The Calamitous Defense of New Jersey, 1776

by Arthur S. Lefkowitz
A terrific read!! The complete story of the British invasion of New Jersey in November 1776, the attack on Ft. Lee, the Continental's escape across the "New Bridge," and on to Trenton. A compelling narrative that offers the most comprehensive account of the American Retreat across New Jersey.(1998) Cloth, illus., 162 pp. $30.00.
Not presently available.

No. 49
The Schooner Judge Baker – Capt. Andrew Bogert
ed. by Jeanne Mann (Bogert) Newman and Albert A. Newman
Family letters that tell the story of Andrew and Mary Bogert from 1835 to 1865. Paper, 53 pp., illus. $12.00

No. 50
Dearest Friends – A Civil War Soldier Writes to Edgewater, New Jersey
ed. by Ruth Paci
Fascinating and heart-wrenching letters from a young solder to his friends in Ft. Lee (now Edgewater), NJ. Paper, 91 pp., illus. $20.00

POSTCARDS - The postcards are all $.75 ea. or 5 for $3.00.

Historic New Bridge Landing (River Edge, NJ) - Steuben House (exterior)

5 1/2" X 3 1/2"
Built by John Zabriskie in 1752. Revolutionary War Landmark and Washington's Headquarters 1780. Presented to General Steuben 1783.

Historic New Bridge Landing (River Edge, NJ) - Campbell-Christie House (exterior) 5 1/2" X 3 1/2"

Built by Jacob Campbell in 1774. Sold in 1796 to John Christie, who operated it as a tavern and blacksmith shop in the early 1800's. Moved in 1977 to this site from New Milford.

Historic New Bridge Landing (River Edge, NJ) - Demarest House & Westervelt-Thomas Barn (exterior) 5 1/2" X 3 1/2"

Early stone mill house moved to this site from New Milford in 1955/6 by Hyram Blauvelt. The barn originally stood in Washington Township and was moved here in 1958.

Historic New Bridge Landing (River Edge, NJ) - Steuben House Sleeping Arrangement (interior) 5 1/2" X 3 1/2"

Built by John Zabriskie in 1752. Revolutionary War Landmark and Washington's Headquarters 1780. Presented to General Steuben 1783.

Historic New Bridge Landing (River Edge, NJ) - Steuben House Dwelling Room (interior) 5 1/2" X 3 1/2"

Built by John Zabriskie in 1752. Revolutionary War Landmark and Washington's Headquarters 1780. Presented to General Steuben 1783.

Colonial Home on Schraalenburg Rd. (Closter, NJ)
Although this house was originally built considerably earlier, the main portion was constructed after 1800. The traditional red sandstone is embellished with a brick facade and Federal style details.

Colonial Home on Cedar Lane (Closter, NJ)

This is a fully developed Bergen County colonial style house. The plan is symmetrical with a parlor and kitchen in front, a bedroom behind each, and a central hall with a door at each end.

Colonial Home on Hickory Lane (Closter, NJ)
This house is an example of a popular early 18th century style in Bergen County. The two front doors provided separate access to the parlor and kitchen. A bedroom behind each completed the plan.

Colonial Home on Harvard St. (Closter, NJ)
The red sandstone portion of this house is the earliest Bergen County type. One all-purpose room has heavy exposed ceiling beams and a large fireplace. The frame wing is a later addition.

South Presbyterian Church (Bergenfield, NJ)
Organized in 1723 as the Dutch Reformed Church of Schraalenburgh, the first building was completed in 1728. The present sanctuary was built in 1799 and remodeled in 1867. In 1913 the congregation voted to join the Presbyterian Church. South Church today is an active congregation of over 300 members, serving the community as it has for more than 250 years.

PC11 Cooper Park (Bergenfield, NJ)
Cooper Park was created in 1937 when an arrangement was made for the use of the pond between the town of Bergenfield, NJ and Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bergman, who owned the Cooper property. South Church contribute the land between the Mill pond and the cemetery. This, combined with lots along Church Street, owned by the town, formed the most impressive park in Bergenfield. The work required was done by the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) during the Great Depression and helped employ hundreds of area men. The name Cooper Park was chosen to honor Tunis Richard Cooper, who operated a flourishing chair factory at the site from 1849 through the 1880's.

PC12 Camp Merritt Monument (Bergen Co., NJ)
The Camp Merritt Monument on Knickerbocker and Madison in Cresskill marks the center of Camp Merritt, the largest embarkation camp in the U.S. during W.W.I. It covered 770 acres of Bergenfield, Cresskill, Demarest, Dumont, and Tenafly. More than a million servicemen passed through the site; 578,566 went overseas and 509,515 returned. About half of the troops left from Alpine landing by ferry and half left by train for Hoboken where the boarded ships for overseas.

PC13 WWI Sketch (American Soldier with rifle amidst barbed wire - b&w) by Harvey Dunn
Harvey Dunn was born in 1884 on a Dakota homestead. he studied art in Chicago and Delaware, married and moved to Leonia, New Jersey. He was one of several artists selected to capture the "heroes and horrors of WWI." He was commissioned captain and left from Camp Merritt at the end of March 1918. His dramatic sketches captured shell-torn villages, battle-weary soldiers, confusion, death, mud, and the dramatic realism of war. He returned to the United States sobered by his front line experiences. In 1919, he moved his family to Tenafly and spent the rest of his life as an artist, teacher and philosopher.

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