Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 2

Feb 19th Peter Edwin Huyler died Aged 24y5m9d
March 6th Edward Allen died
“ 7th Mrs Betsy Allen died 80 y
April 2nd Mrs Margaret Brinkerhoff died Aged 50y 2m 15 days
“ 21st Mrs Cornelia Blauvelt died
“ 22nd Mr John Auryansen died Aged 80y 22days
May 9th Mr Cornell died
12th Mr C Quackenbush died
22nd Mrs Sophia Woods died 88y
27th Mr John Demarest died cancer
June 2nd Mrs Sally Naugle 99y
“ 21 Mr Garret H Zabriskie 85
July Mr Abraham Cole died
Sep 30th Miss Rachel Powless died 7y
Dec 11th Mr Richard Vervalen died
“ 16th Mr Henry Perry died
Jan 4th Mrs Maria OBlenis Bogart died aged 24
“ 5th Mrs. Peter Banta died
“ 13th Mrs Chattie W Haring 30
“ 14th Mrs Eliza Slaughter died
[the following entry is squeezed in directly under this]
April Henry Bellinger brother of Eliza
“ 19th [prob. Jan is meant] Mrs Margaret J Onderdonk
Feb 3rd Miss Cornelia E Parsells 26.7m
“ 4th Mrs. Elizabeth Hill aged 84y
“ 3rd Dr Henry Bingham died
“ 13th Mrs Helan Huyler 50
14th Mrs Garret Blauvelt 80
Mrs Maria Bell died
March Mrs Wert Dubois died
March 31st Mrs Calvin Herring
April 9th (Tynes) John Demarest died [Maria Ferdon’s parentheses]
May 3rd Margaret wife of John Demarest died
April 23rd Garret Demarest son in law of Margaret & John Demarest died
April 14th David Cole died
“ Daniel Westervelt died 97
“ 20th Mrs Ann M Tallman died
April 21st Mrs Mary Naugle died 79
“ 27th David Veene drowned
“ 30th Mrs Maria Ver Valen died Herring. Fhorbis [Horbis?].Auryansen aged 81y 6 m 13 days
May 4th Child of Mr Gruber died
April Mrs Cornelius Westervelt died Keely
July 15th Mrs Sarah D Auryansen died aged 85 years
Aug 8th Mr Jacob Auryansen died
Aug 21st Mr Garret Huyler died 53
“ 25th Mrs Vene died
“ 26th Mrs Mary Ann Herring died 77
Sep 1st Mr Richard R Palmer died
Sep 3rd Mrs Sarah Brinkerhoff died
“ 14th Dominie Hitchcoks died
“ 4th Mr Griffith was hurt by the cars died
“ 16th Beck died
“ 19 Child of Coe Austin died 8m
“ 22nd Jack Fish was hurt by the cars died
Oct 6th Mr James Holdrum died
“ 11th Rev Henry Bellinger died aged 88y
“ 13th Mr James Westervelt died
Nov 12 Mr John Demarest died (Durie)
Nov 13th Mrs Sally Upson died
“ 19th Gill P Blauvelt died
“ 22nd Mrs Randell died
“ 6th Son of Jack Fish died
“ 25th Dr Charels Hasbrouck died
Dec 9th Mrs Maria Cole died
Jan 6th Mr. John Herring, carpenter died
12th Mr John Hopper died
31st Mr Soetterman “
“ Mr Peter Perry Norwood
“ Mr jumped of the cars
Feb 6th Mrs Georgeanna Shopp died 24y
Mr Clarence Reelam died
March 13th Mrs Sallt Blauvelt died
6th Mrs Peggy Christie 66
June Mrs Berea Henion died 91
May 31st Richard Brinkerhoff died
Marriages 1876
Jan 16th Pete Jackson to Lib Johnson
“ 20th Henry Banta to Mary Moore
May 17th Jacob Hopper to Hattie Bogert
“ Mr Conklin to Maggie Demarest
June 10th Mr Abraham Sarvant to Miss Sally Christie
25th Mr Henry Van Buskirk to Mrs Van Buskirk
Nov 29th Mr Bartolf to Miss Sarah Jane Vorhis
Feb 28th Mr Dow Becker to Miss Carpenter
April John Henry Cole to Miss Annie Veene
“ Henry Johnson to Tillie Hopper
“ 29th John H. Halsey to Miss Caroline Blauvelt
March 22d Mr Charles Kramer [Kromer] to Miss Libbie Kinny
May 8th Mr Hodges to Miss Julia Bristol
May 9th Mr Durie Brickell to Miss Ella Hopper
May 15th Mr Charles Ambrose to Miss Magdalena Mills
June 6th Mr John Auryansen to Miss Julia Jewell
July 24th Mr Frank Cooper to Miss Sarah Ann Ward
Aug 30th Mr John Brinkerhoff to Miss Catharine Blauvelt
to Miss Gertie De Mott
Buskirk Demarest to Demarest
Oct 17th Ward to Ella Bogart
“ John Auryansen to Wortendyke
Oct 17th Mr [Weuren] to Miss Crispell
Nov 14th Mr John Holdrum to Miss Cate Herring
“ 15th Mr Richard Van Buskirk to Miss Jennie Demarest
Nov 3rd Mr John De Clark to Miss Mary Ann Stephens
March 26th Mr Charles Fournyer to Miss Sarah Herring Sheriff
27th Mr John Brickell to Miss Maggie Storms
to Miss Crissie Storms
April 17th Mr Calvin Herring to Miss Cate Herring
May 15th Mr George W Brickell to Miss Helena Moore
July 24th Mr Garry Ackerman to Maggie Westervelt
June 19th Mr Ben Palmer to Mrs Bush
Sep 22d Mr Ed Kellog to
Nov 3rd Mr James H. Stephens to Miss Lizzie M Ferdon
“ 21st Mr James Demarest to Miss Susie Ferdon
Jan 30th Mr John Jacob Blauvelt to Miss Ella Hageman
Feb 15th Silver wedding to Mr C N Diurie 25 years
April 8th Mr Tunis Herring to Miss Leah Blauvelt
“ 9th Mr John Van Blarcom to Miss Maggie Demarest
“ 10th Mr John Demarest to Miss Effa Jane Blauvelt
30th Mr Abram Brower to Miss Maggie Zabriskie
May Mr Griffin to Miss Maggie Westevelt
“ Mr Meyer Bogart to Miss Kate Anderson
Sep 6th Mr John A Blauvelt to Mrs Pye Turkey
Oct 22nd Mr A Van Buskirk to Miss Cole
“ Mr Thoas B. Chrystal to Kate Lozier
“ 22nd Mr Cor [Coe?] J. Zabriskie to Minnie Herring
16th Mr Frank Bartow to Miss Helena Dorfner
Sep 25th Mr. Cor J Blauvelt to Miss
Nov 26th Mr Richard Harring to Miss Mary Banta
Dec 4th Oliver Drake Smith to Miss Mary Lydecker
Births 1876
April 14th Mrs Rachel Kipp Daughter
Mrs Mary Powless Alfred
“ 20th Miss Emma Duryea Son Charels Demarest Duryea
“ 21st Mrs Leah Huyler Son Peter Edwin
“ 22nd Mrs Susan Son and Daughter
Mrs. Campbell
May Mrs Peter Blackledge
June 2nd Mrs Fanny Demarest, daughter
Mrs Eliza Duryea
July 19th Mrs Jane Ward
Sep 23rd Mrs. John (Youry) Herring Daughter Bessie
Oct 29th Mrs Freeland Demarest Son David Howard
Nov 10th Mrs Rachel Cooper Daughter Annie DePew
Nov 4th Mrs Annie Huyler Son, Phillip Doremus
Dec 23rd Mrs Maria OBlenis Bogart Son
Jn 15th Mrs Lib Jackson Daughter
March Mrs Theodore Westervelt
April 13th Rev Mrs Van Buskirk Son Willie
“ 21st Mrs Maggie Hammond Eckerson Son Charles Ebbin Hammond Eckerson
Apil Mrs Cate Van Horn Twins girls one died
Aug 25th Mrs. Elizabeth T. Herring Son Isaac Tallman
Nov 6th Sare of a daughter died
Maria Ferdon’s Book
Closter, Bergen Co.
Jan 1st 1880
Married 1891
Feb 25th 1891 Miss Georgea Parsells to Colligen
April 8th Miss Libbie Coon to Edwards
“ 14th Mr. Garry Demarest to Miss Clara Lousin Hempstead
June 14th Mr Otto Leeger to Miss Emilie Russ
July 14th Mr E. R. Sexton to Miss Killy [Kitty?] Ray
“ 15th Mr Charley Valentine to Miss Coyle
“ 22nd Mr Geo Sibert to Miss Ryder
Sep 16th Mr Sheridan Burleigh to Martha Harring
30th Mr. to Miss Matross
Nov 9th Mr Bates to Mrs Yaun OBlenis Jane colered
Apr 14th Mr William Kipp to Miss Retta Demarest
Births 1891
Died at Sing Sing Jan 21st Mrs Charlotte Palmer
Feb 22nd Mrs. Annie DePew Blauvelt, girl
“ 25th Mrs Addie Grumen, boy Le Roy
April Mrs Sarah Cosgrove
“ 13th Mrs John H. Huyler, son George jun
July 5th Mrs. Walter Wray son
“ Mrs Mary Van Buskirk girl
Aug 12th Mrs Reer, girl, Ruth
Deaths 1891
June 3rd William Ferdon died Cars at Pavonia killed him aged 51 years
June 4th Mr William DeWolf 86
“ 7th Ollie Hyde
“ 13th Billy Lawrence died
July 4th Jud Rogers
“ 7th Mrs Charley Ambrose
“ 10th John H. Huyler 39 y
“ 24th John D. Auryansen Piermont
“ 29th Mr John Axford 82y
Aug 1st Jacob Van Derbeek
“ 22nd Boy of Geo Herring
Sep 20th Jacob Bowers
“ 29th Zabriskie Van Emburgh 69
Oct 19th Mr William Huyler and wife both were killed at once at Bergenfields by the cars, he was 80y, she 64 y
Oct 28th Mrs Maria Demarest cancer
1890 Deaths
Sep 20th Stephen Bogart 60 yrs
“ 30th Ida Cole Middletown
Oct 3rd John Tallman 90y 4m
Dec 30th Dr C L. Demarest wife died
1891 [Deaths]
Jan 22 Mrs Maria Christie 77y
“ 22nd Mrs Ave Conklin
“ 27th Peter Banta
Feb 3rd Daniel Ver Valen died
“ 23rd Toby Johnson “
March 11th Mrs Charlotte Van Nostram age 86y
April 4th Mr John Kipp aged 56y
“ 8th Miss May Taylor aged 16y
“ 9th Mrs Matilda Doremus
Mrs Betsy Stagg, sister of Mrs Doremus
“ 11th Baby of Jim Vene
March 18 Mrs Betsey Palmer
April Mrs George Van Houten
Mrs Rudolf
Mr Jelosan
April 11th Mr Haddock shot himself
“ 11th Miss Haddock his sister died
April 14th Mrs Graham
“ 15th Mrs. Gruman
“ 18th Mrs Hopper
“ 19th Mrs Ann Pullis [Hemp hill?] {84?]y
“ 27th Dr Milton Tenure
“ 21st Geo Edwards 19yrs
“ 11th Mrs Wienant Brinkerhoff 83y
“ 17th Claudius Collingen 61 y
May 1st Henry De Mott and his wife Maria died, both in one day natural deaths 77 and 76 yrs.
May 5th Mrs Jochem died
“ 6th Mrs Iserman
Births 1889
Apr 14th Mrs. Freeland Demarest, twins
May 8th Mrs Sarah Cosgrove Son
Sep 17th Mrs. John Huyler Daughter Laura
Nov 1st Baker wife Son
1890 [Births]
Jan 29th Mrs Rogers girl
Jan Mrs Lizzie Clarendon boy
“ 22nd Mrs Mary June boy
Feb Mrs Ella Parker son
“ 25th Mrs. Fred Naugle girl
April 15th Lib — girl
June 29th Mame — boy
Sep 25th Mrs Edward O’Donnel girl
Nov 25th Mrs F G Odell, girl
Aug 10th Nettie Durie son
Nov Mrs Willie Tate son
Married 1889
Jan 16th Mr Elmer Blauveklt to Miss Minnie Bellis
“ Mr William Bomm to Miss Amelia Hague
“ Mr Peter Felter to Miss Odell
Feb 20th Mr Martin Luther Bell to Miss Garetta Powless
April 23 Mr Arthur Westervelt to Miss Henrietta Rohler
“ 24th Mr to Hover
May 5th Mr Ed O Donnell to Miss Delia John Johnson
June 5th Mr Joseph Hain to Miss Edith Westervelt
June 3rd Mr Richard D De Ronde to Miss Stead
“ 6th Mr John F. Ryerson to Miss Adella Westervelt
“ 19th Mr James Veene to Mary Noble Parker
“ 26th Mr John Alvin Terhune to Mignonelle [Mignonette?] Bogart
July 9th Grant McQuaid to Sarah Van Houten
Aug 16th Mr Elbert Tallman to Eleanor Smith
Oct ? Mr Howell to Miss Lizzie Blauvelt
“ 22nd Mr Charles Dummer to Miss Louise Greenlees
Oct 17th Mr & Mrs Youry’s Golden Wedding
Oct 21st Mr and Mrs John Tallman Seventieth anniversary of their wedding was celebrated at Tappan at the House of their Daughter Mrs & Mr Bradleys it being also the burthdays of their two Daughters Mrs Cornelison and Mrs Bradley.
Married 1890
March 4th Willie Tate to Miss Wallace
June 12th Peter B. Westervelt to Miss
Mr Van Derbeek to Miss Ida Post
July 3rd David Parsels to Margaret Spears
“ 2nd Charley De Baun to Anna Forrester Bogart
June Mr Redfield to Mamie Taylor
July Rollo Lockwood to a Catholic girl she 19, he 30
Sep 18th Mrs Horace Roberson to Miss Nettie M. Demarest
24th Mr to Miss Oakly
Oct 16th Mr to Mabel Snow, Cadet
“ 22nd Mr Heron to Sophia Harring
“ Mr William Wray to Sophia Tanner
“ 23rd Mr Jones (Dominie) to Smith
Nov 26 Walter May to Onderdonk
“ 26th Mr Olddis to Ida Van Wagnor
“ 26 Cass Zabriskie to Demarest
Dec 3rd Mr Myers to Annie Goetherus
“ 4th Huyler Bogart to Bogart
“ 31st Sylvester Van Wart to Maria D Demarest
1889 Deaths
Jan 12th Mrs Tyna Bogart
“ 22nd Mr Bowers child, 8m
“ 26th Mr Winfield Edwards
“ 2 Miss Durie 13y
“ 21st Mrs Sarah Cooper 88y
Feb 17 Mrs Eliza Naugle
March 12th Martina was burried
“ C Bogart twin baby
“ 16th Anderson Zabriskie aged 11m
Jan 27th Mary June’s baby died
“ 30 Gen died aged 100 years
Feb 2nd DeGraw Kipps baby died, she was born Oct 19th 1888
March 25th Mr Sickels died
“ 27th Mr Stephen Powless died
“ Mr Smith brother in law of Mr Powless died
May 10th Nelson Oliver 16 years colered
“ 28th Susie Demarest aged 11 years
June 7th Mr Morrow
“ 8th Mr [Mynadoer?]
“ 28th Mrs Jane Demarest Mr Durie sister in law
July 23rd Phebe Cooper 77y
“ 28th Mr John Palmer
“ 29th Mrs Margaret [Ferman? Iserman?] wife of Rev J Y DeBaun 61
“ 11th Mrs Margaret (King?) Voorhis 72
Sep Mrs Maria Jordan
“ 1st Mrs Soeteman
“ 19th Mrs Baker 76
“ 20th Clarance Anderson 4yr
“ 24th Mr Peter Ackerman
“ 26th Mrs Frazer
‘Oct 5th M Hardenburgh 59y
“ 9th William Eliff
Oct Mr John Bell
“ Mrs Van Antwerp
“ Blauvelt Harring Baby died
Aug 19th Harry Campbell drowned 10yrs
“ 30th Anna Demarest 25yrs [Rolf?]
“ 14th James A Durie 34yrs
“ 31st Anna E. Heron 43yrs
“ 24th Mrs Maria Wilson 77.11.14
Nov 24th Florence Van Buskirk aged 19y [10?] days
1890 [Deaths]
Jan 3rd Mrs Writenour died
“ 3rd Mr John Van Wagoner hung himself
“ 3rd David Demarest died
“ 3rd Clark Bogart baby died
“ 7th Mrs Gitty Haring died
“ 7th Mrs Isaac Bogart died
“ 11th Mrs Jane Huyler died 65 y
“ 11th William Haring died
13th Mr [Pallet? Pullist?] (candy man) died
16th Mr Richard Hopper died 70
23 Kate Demarest died 43
April 1st Martin Frome
Jan 28th Richard Van Buskirk 42y
“ 29th Nancy 19 yrs suffocated by gas
Feb 4th Rachel Cooper suddenly at Richmond Aged 44yrs
“ 19th Girl of Mr [Pallest?]
Dec 6th 1889 Jefferson Davis died Once President of the South
Dr Job [or John?] Wood Hopper 34 yrs
May 19th [1890] Fred Van Houten Husband of Jane Myers
“ 21st Mrs John C Banta
“ 22nd Abram Sarvant 59y
“ 24th Paul Powless 85y
June 8th W. [Rerne?] (Brick top) cars
July 4th Abe Zabriskie
April Mrs Hess Singler
Oct 6th Daniel Vervalen died 72y
“ Trottie died
“ 15th Rolf Demarest
“ John Herring (Piper?)
“ 20th James Herring (brothers)
“ 23rd Flossy Hyde
“ 31st Charley Ambrose died
Nov 23rd Mrs Sarah Coppell 90years
“ 27th Gephart killed by the cars
Aug 14th Lydia M Powless aged [10?] yrs
“ 21st Jacob D Demarest 60 yr
Garet S Demarests wife died Sarah
Sep 1st Isabell Fish
“ 10th Mr French died
1888 Deaths
May 2nd M Abram Demarest 92
“ 11th Mr Myers Eckerson 22
June 16th Mr Myers Doremus stabed his son dead 19
“ 15th Mrs Maria (Cornelius) Blauvelt
“ 28th Jessie Campbell diptheria
Aug D Campbell wife and child 3 in one family
“ Mr Carpenter jumped overboard at sea
“ 14th Willard Courter shot himself
“ 17th Mr Ver Valen Nancy son
“ 2nd Mrs Rachel Maxeson Aged 66
July 9th Archie Voorhis died
“ 26th Sammy Edwards died
Aug 19th Ella Van Sciver
Sep 13th Jim Powless killed under the cars. Engineer on the Northern road
Sep 13th Chester Maugham aged 4 yrs Lizzie Voorhis aged 22y
Miss Lizzie Butter ag 20, Abram J. Demarest, Mr Yerrington from Cresskill were all drowned in the Hudson near Hastings. they were sailing for pleasure, the boat sank, old boat the cause. The Father of the boy was saved, Miss Butter was picked up breathing but died immediately. The rest have all been found and buried. A great comfort to their parents to know where they are burried.
Sep 21st Mrs Norris died
“ 22nd Mrs Yannaka Demarest aged 85y
Oct 6th Mr Will Gemond died [the “aged 85y” from the previous entry may actually belong to this entry]
Oct 24th Mr Frederick Van Orden 90 y
Nov 16th Mrs Wortendyke died Conklin’s mother in law
Dec B Blackledge died
Deaths 1887
May 1st Mrs Maria Moses Sneden aged 49
May 7th Mrs Maria Herring Nanuet
“ 18th Mr Tunis Cooper
“ 20th Mrs Jacob Ward
June 26th Mr Jasper Westervelt died
“ 30 Mrs Jacox
July 6th Mr Mayers died
March 15th Mrs Adeline Van Nest
July 30th Mrs Euphemia Parsell died
Aug 5th Mrs E G Gismond
“ 9th Mr E G Gismond
“ 30th Mr [Harman?] Oliver died son in law of Mr Gismond
[Sep] 8th Mr John H. Stephens died 54y
“ 1th Mr Van Wyck
“ 17th David Zabriskie died ag 78
25th Cogswell Weld “
Oct 7th Quevedo drowned
“ 22 Miss Lavina Van Horn died 59y
“ 29th Abram Vervenne died Voorveens
Nov 10th We heard that Nelson Berryman had died Nov 7th aged 25y 9m 7dys in Denver Colorado
Dec 4th Parsells died
“ 18th Mrs Carrie Tenure died 30y
1888 [Deaths]
Feb 3rd Dr W G Stevenson died DePew
Jan 11 Willie Taylor aged 20y
Feb 17th Mrs Mamie Blakely 21y
“ Mrs George Eldrich
“ Mr Cal Humphrey
“ Mrs Rachel Mabie
Mar 3rd Mr Lewis Randal 60 y
“ 6th Miss Lizzie Hopper scarlet fever
“ 9th Ethel Bogart 10 months
Feb 13th Mr Peter Voorhis
“ Mr Ira Zabriskie
March 16th Garret Lydecker 78y
April 8th and 15th Children of Bigoney died
“ 18th Roscoe Conklin
“ Dr Agnew died

Married 1887
Sep 28th Mr Al bogert to Miss Anna Van Wagoner
Oct 19th Mr Dr Lake to Miss Annie Haring
Nov 30th Mr Albert V Huyler to Miss Virginia Conner
William H. Powless to Annie Holliday Como Colorado
1888 [Married]
Feb 22nd Mr David Kipp to Miss Maria Tallman
“ Mr Wm H. Harring to Kittie Kline
March 7th Mr Thomas E Eckerson to Jane E VerBryck
April 4th [Kine?] Iserman to Sarah Bowers
March 27th Charlie Wize to Ellis
May 30th Mr Lee to Miss Mattie Herring
“ 23rd Mr Cosgrove to Sarah Demarest
June 7th [Dom?] Harvey Iserman to Mrs Blanch
July 5th Bert Herrick to Eveline Collignon
Sep 18th Mr James P Clarendon to Miss Lizzie Zabriskie
Oct Mr John Moore to Miss Field
“ 17th Mr Melvill Demarest to Miss Maggie Terhune
“ 24th Mr William Voorhis to Miss Lillie Westervelt
Married 1886
July 15th Mr Geo De Clark to Miss Myra Smith
Sep 8th Mrs Edward Westervelt to Miss Maggie Anderson
Oct 14th Mr James Quackenbush to Miss Lizzie Harring
Oct 19th Mr James Wilkinson to Miss Lizzie E Sisson
Oct 26th to Caty O Brien
Nov 24th Theodore Taylor to Miss Lizzie Jo[nes?]
Dec 8th Mr William Blakeny to Miss Mamie Harring
“ 7th Mr S Hendric Everett to Miss Drucell [Lucille?] Rue
“ 7th Mr Tunis C Bogart to Anna Demarest
Nov 24th Mr Frederick M Anderson to Miss Nellie Demarest, Super
Dec 22nd Mr Englis to Mary Ragen
1887 [Marriages]
Jan 12th Mr Charels Bogart to Miss Estelle Demarest
April 14th Mr Fred Whritner to Miss Ella Traphagen
May 11th Mr James Clark to Miss Lizzie Tunis Harring
April 20th Mosely Green to Sarah King Harring
Aug 10th John Z Demarest to Isabelle E Hammond
June 29th David R Zabriskie to Miss Lizzie Spier
Sep 21st Resolvert Naugle to Hattie L. Bell
“ 28th Alfred Newkirk to Nettie Voorhis
Deaths 1886
May 11th Mr David Stagg died
“ 12th Mr William Naugle 69
“ 12 Mrs Catharine Auryansen 67
“ 14th Mrs Rachel Demarest
“ 20th Mrs Margaret Banta Zabriskie 56
June 7th Mr John Duryea son in law of Mrs Moses Sneden died
July 5th Mrs Matilda Debaun 36y girl
July 31st Rev John Westervelt
Aug 4th [Hon?] Samuel J. Tilden
“ 31st Mrs Jane Zabriskie died 72y 5m [the age may belong to the previous entry]
Sep 11th Mr John P Huyler 82.9.27
“ 16th (King) David Demarest
“ 24 Thomas Seaman 38y
Oct 15 Daniel Doremus
Nov 11th Mrs Rachel Ann (Ver Valen) Ferdon
“ 17th Ex President Chester A Archur died 56 yrs
“ 21st Mrs Groosbeck died 77
Dec 15th Mr Wardles baby 5m
Dec 23rd Col Garret Ackerson aged 46. 3m 7 d
“ 26 Gen John A Logan died
“ 29th Edward Taylor “
“ 28th Mrs Catherine DeWolfe 58y 11m
1887 [Deaths]
Jan 2nd [Harn? Ham?] Harris died
“ 15th Mrs Hannah Durie Zabriskie 50y 3 m
17th Cap John P. Smith died
Mrs. Hannah De Mott
“ 21st Andrew N Debaun died
“ 21st David Blauvelt (store keeper)
28th Mrs Hetta Terhune
28th Mr Peter Felter
Feb 2nd Miss Tillie Blackledge 18
Jan 30th Mrs James S. Harring died
Feb 22nd Albert Horn died
Feb 23rd his wife Catherine Demarest died, aged 43y he had Pneumonia she had consumption. They were both taken sick Mon the 14th
Feb 26th Rev John Cooper died
March Richard Van Dien 83
“ 15th Mrs Adaline Brickell Van Nest
“ 9th Mrs Horn Mother of Albert Horn died
April 25th Mrs Elizabeth Auryansen Ackerman died [47?]
1885 Deaths
Aug 17th Drusilla Thomson 16y 7m
“ 27th Rev Theodore Romaine
“ 30th Mr Oliver Sisson
Sep 12th Henry Story aged 16y
“ 16th Abram Lydecker 52y
“ 17th Cap John Westervelt 66y
Oct 6th Wilsey Ver Valen 17y
“ 6th Garret Blauvelt 92
“ 13th Mrs Pake
“ 18th Mrs Abram Hopper
Nov 1st John Myerhoff 30 y
Oct 29th or Nov 5th Mrs. Mary Wandle 84
Nov 8th George Brinkerhoff died
“ 29th Rev Mr Valentine
Dec 7th Willie Baker 1y 4m
“ 9th Mrs Jane Ward Merinus
“ 10th Mr Ambrose
Nov 13th Mrs Snow
Dec 8th Mr William H Vanderbilt 64
1886 [Deaths]
Jan 3rd Mrs Dubois was buried
“ 30th Mrs Leah Mabie 67
Feb 10th Gen Hancock 62
“ 10th Mrs Bridget Blauvelt 62.8
“ 11th Mr Conrad Buss
“ Mr John A Haring [10] Abram V D son
“ 12 Gov Seymour
“ 18th (Old) David Bogart died
“ 28th Mr Stephen Bogart 61
March 1st Mr Jacob Bogart deaf & dumb
Feb 28th Miss Emma Van Houten 34y
March 6th Garry Iserman
Mar 6 Miss Eliza Jones 68
March 9th M Tunis Bell 71y 5m
March Mrs Gov Seymour died
March 17th Mrs Abram C Harring 86 y Margaret
March 21st Lena Oliver (colored)
“ 25 Mr Fosler
April 17 Mrs Eva Mabie died
“ 1st Mrs [Lizzie?] Stagg died
June 29th her girl died 4y
1884 1885 Married
Dec 4th Cornelius Banta to Lizzie Westervelt
Jan 1 1885 Mr Jersey Dr to Lulu Snow
Harry Sheldon to Carrie Anderson
Jan 12th Albert Cooper to Duryea
“ 14th Benjamin Demarest Westervelt to Matilda Eckerson
“ Stephen Johnson to Louisa Bekeman
“ 7th Mr James Demarest to Mrs Elizabeth Vanderwater
“ 29th Mr David H Demarest to Christina Underdonk
March 7th Mr Hartwick to Mary Demarest
David Kipp to Mary Tallman [entry crossed out]
“ 18 Edward Vanderbeek to Mary Holdrum
April 9 John Linderman to
“ Will Post to
James Duryea to Sarah A Wood
David Austin to Cole
May 20th Frank C Decker to Helan M Blauvelt
Sep to Mary Bogart (Leba? Seba?)
Oct 14th Clark Bogart to Bogart
“ 15th Mr Holmes to Waddel
Nov 4th Mr Abraham Post to Miss Rachel Christie
“ 11th Mr Jacob De Mott to
Sep 15th Will Blauvelt to Sarah Sarvant
Nov 25th Mr Henry Westervelt to Miss Alice Ferdon
“ Mr Voorhis
“ Mr Ira B Haring to Miss Mattie Kline
Nov or Oct Mr Axford to Miss
Dec 30 1885 Mr William D Herr to Ella Van Orden
1886 [Marriages]
Jan Mr John Lozier to Miss Rumsey
“ 27th Mr Richard Filbert to Miss Maggie De Ronde
Feb 17th Mr Franklin Gruman to Miss M Adelaide Blauvelt
“ 25th Mr Cornelius Westervelt to Miss Maggie Collins
April 21st Mr Garry Banta to Miss Lizzie Duryea
“ 22 Mr George Demarest to Miss Maggie Auryansen
“ 28 M John Huyler to Miss Banta
“ Mr Archibald Voorhis to Miss Annie Haring
May 19th Mr Andrew P Hopper 38y to Miss Rachel Ann Eckerson 35y
Mr Will Blauvelt to Miss Vanderbeek
June 2nd President Grover Cleveland was married to Miss Frances Clara Folsom
“ 2nd Mr John Durie to Miss Nettie Durie
“ 2 Demarest toTallman
“ 9th Mr John Haring Ackerman to Sarah Lizzie Christie
23rd Christie Demarest to Alice Onderdonk
1884 Deaths
Jan 6th Mr Hoppe died
“ 20th Jacob Huyler
“ 19th Mrs Florence De Pew Wilcoxon
“ 26th Mr Schoonmaker 86y
“ 24th Mrs Harvey Iserman
“ 28th Mr Blakeney died
“ 7th Willie Price died 19y
Feb 9th Mr Filler [Fuller?] Dominie at Norwood
“ 25th Mrs Betsy Earle died
March 9th Mrs Mary Withers died
“ 23rd Mr Garry H Banta died Sunday 48
“ 27 Mrs Thomas Demarest died 3m 1d
“ 30th Mr Nicholas Vorhis died
Feb Mr William Bellinger died
April 17th Peter Perry died
“ 18th Mrs Anna De Clark died 48.5.10
May 3rd Mrs [Aalice? Adline?] Holdrum died
“ 3rd Mrs Isaac Taylor died
June 7 Mrs Hetty Youry “
“ 13th Ant “ colored
“ Tille Naugle Van Houten “
July 9th Kitty Hall died [7-1/2?]
Aug 3rd David Campbell died
“ 5th John W Ferdon
“ 6th J Linderman died Sarah father in law
“ 6th Jacob R Demarest 85 [the phrase “Sarah father in law” listed with the entry above may actually belong to this entry]
“ 13th Kit Britton baby 4m
“ 13th Mrs Margaret Ann Lewis 63y
“ Carrie Allen died Troy
Oct 2nd Mrs Hannah Kirby died
“ 16th Nicholas A. Voorhis 84y
Nov 13th Gilbert Kearny died
“ 25th William Maby died
“ Mrs Maria Herring Duryea 55
“ 28 Mrs Maria [Jane? Jones?] Herring 84y
“ 29th Abram Wortendyke 42
Dec 2nd Mrs Fallon
“ 7th Rev N A Fish 69.5m
“ 22nd Mrs Rachel Blauvelt 86
“ Jacob Brinkerhoff 89
Jim Randell died
“ 23rd Abram Gurnee shot 46 by Sanford Sisco
Dec 20th Mr David Brickell died horse scared for cars and he fell out of the wagon
Deaths 1885
Jan 8th Mrs Daniel Harring died Ann Nanuet
“ 9th Mrs Ellis [Heurney?] died
Mr Steer died
“ 16th Rebecca Rev Blauvelt 89y 11m 26d
“ 16th John H T Banta
“ 26th Mrs Rachel Powless died
“ 27th Mrs Gitty Van Houten
“ 30th Henry H Voorhis died Judge 78
“ 30th Eliza Coppcutt died 75
Feb 2nd Mr John De Clark 73
“ 5 Cristian Van Horn 83 5m 5 dys
“ 14th Mrs Margaret Demarest Aged 82 4m (Justin)
Feb 22nd Mr Jacob Wortendyke child Lawyer father [this entry is crossed out]
27th Mrs Lorena Campbell 36
March 2nd Mr James Davis “
“ 22nd Mr Jacob Van Buskirk “
“ 23rd George Harris (colered) “ state prison
“ 26th Mr John S Powless “ 78.9.26ds
April 2nd Harvey Conklin baby girl “ 3m 22d
May 6th Mrs Maria Haring died aged 85 yrs W V D Harry
May 4th Mr William Price died
April 23rd Cornelius Harring died
May 31st Eugene Post died
June 5th Sanford Sisco was hung at Hackensack for the murder of A. Gurnee
June 9th Herman Van Dien hung himself
“ Mrs Eliza Van Sciver died
May Grace Voorhis died Brooklyn
June Mrs Mary Blauvelt died 77
“ 28th Garret Lydecker
July 8th Oliver Sisson
“ 22nd Gertie’s baby died 11 weeks Clarence Gray
“ 23rd Gen Grant died
“ 28th Alphe Palmer 49y
“ 31st Garry L Edsall died 62
Aug 2nd Mrs Lavinia Tallman in her 81 y
“ 8 Gilbert Kearny
Births 1883
Jan 16th Mrs Odell, dau
“ 14th Mrs E. [Gove?]
“ 20th Mrs Van Arsdale, son
“ Mrs Lyons
May 21st 1883 Mrs George Roger, son
June 2nd Mrs Maggie Ackerman, dau
Sep 2nd Mrs George Brickell, son
1884 [Births]
Feb 29th Mrs Abram Goethcius, son Willie
March 17th Mrs Degraw Kipp, dau Grace
April 19th Mrs Hannah Harring, son Stephen
“ 25th Mrs Dr L Demarest son
“ 7th Mrs Jake Bowers son
“ 1st Mrs Kit Brittan, dau Florence
Aug 7th Mrs David Bake son Willie
Sep 14th Mrs Ben Parker son Howard
Dec 11th Mrs Harvey Conklin, boy Raymond, girl Edith
Mrs Mary Auryansen Sarvent, girl
1885 [Births]
March Mrs John Eckerson girl
April Mrs (Onderdonk) Demarest, girl
April Mrs John Durie, girl
May 6th Gertie [Wag?] of a son
June 11th Mary Jane Pye, girl
“ 3rd Mrs Nellie Fish boy Calvert Wilson
“ Mrs Rev Plack girl
“ Mrs Joe Vervalen
July 3rd Mrs J H Banta son Henry G
Nov 3rd Mrs Durie Brickell girl Ellen
Aug 30th Mrs George Rogers girl Mere
1886 [Births]
Jan 19 Mrs Dick Van Buskirk
“ Mrs David Austin son
“ 24 [28?] Mrs Lotta Anderson son
Feb 5th Mrs Harry (Col) daughter
Jan 30th Mrs Clara (Tanner) Demarest girl
March Mrs Lawyer Harvey girl
May Mrs Tillie Eckerson Westervelt
“ 26th Mrs Alice Ferdon girl
June 16th Mrs Abram Ver Valen girl
July 9th Mrs Fred Naugle girl Ange
“ Mrs Wardle
Sep 24 Mrs Eveline [Seaman?] Van Horn
Oct 10th Julia girl
Nov Mrs Ella Blauvelt boy
1887 [Births]
Nettie fish
Jan 17th Mrs Will Palmer boy
Feb 23rd Mrs Nettie Durie girl
Mar 26th Mrs Annie Huyler, boy John
May Mrs. Plack
June 27th Mrs Mary Jane Pye son
July 5th Mrs David Wey? girl
June Mary Van Buskirk son
June 14th Mrs James Onderdonk girl
Aug 6th Mrs James Quackenbush son
Sep 4th Mrs David Baker girl
“ 8th Mrs Harvey Conklin girl Mabel
“ 28th Mrs N. Ostrand
Oct 17th Mrs J H. Banta, girl
Mrs Billy [Killy?] Oliver girl Nov 5th
Nov 7th Mr[s] Dr Carry Ternure boy
1888 [Births]
Jan 7th Mrs Sara Vene Allen boy
“ 20th Mrs Minnie Blakely boy
Feb 14th Mrs Geo Eldrich
June Mrs Geo Rogers boy
“ Mrs Shusler boy
“ Mrs Dr. Lake
July Mrs Writner Traphagen
Sep 25th Mrs Frank Demarest son
Oct 18th Mrs Degraw Kipp girl
Dec 25th Mrs Al Anderson son Chester C.
Marriages 1883
April 4th Mr Roselle Harrison Harrison to Miss Mamie Brower
“ 12th Mr John Westervelt to Mrs Maggie Stanford
May 9th 1883 Mr John De Clark to Mrs Hendricks
June 5th Henry Demarest to Miss Ida Demarest
“ 2th Fred Wilcoxson to Florence De Pew
“ 17th David Baker to Mary Eliff
April 19th W S. Lozier to Lina Crawford
“ Jasper Ottman to Ada Kimmey
May 1st J. Harvey Conklin to R. Emma Wortendyke
Aug 30th Mr Reed to Miss Jessie Felter
Dec 12th Mr Charles H Westervelt to Tyne Christie
“ 19th Mr Jacob Brower to Miss Lawless
“ 20th Mr Orvill Valentine to Miss Jennie Hammond
1884 [Marriages]
Jan 13th J H Lozier to Irena Bell
“ 16th John A Ferdon to Mary Alice Demarest
“ 9th James Onderdonk to Kate Able
Feb 20th Ben Parker to Ella Van wagoner
Feb 21st Clark Sarvent to Mary Auryansen
“ 21st Duryea to Lizzie Sneden
April Mr Isaac Harring to Gurdeneer
“ 23rd Mr [Will? Walt?] Harring to Jennie Voorhis
May 1st Mr John W Westervelt to Mrs Sarah A Van Saun
May 10th Mr Joo Vervalen to Mrs Cook
June 18th Geo Colligen to Ida Bogart
“ 25th Mr Allen to Sarah Jane Vene
Sep 18th Mr Moore to Mary Lozier
“ 23rd Mr Van Saun to Demarest
“ 22nd Mr Allen to Kitty Coan
“ 23rd to Henrietta
Oct We heard Mr Withers was married
“ 6th Mr Calvert Fish to Nellie
“ 8th Abra Debaun to Lillie Christie
“ 7th Augustus Voorhis to Margaret Alice Mc Adam Nyack
“ 15th Mr De Witt Van Horn to Eveline Seaman
“ 15th Mr Edward Demarest to Clara Tanner
Nov 12th Geo Zabriskie to Nellie Van Brunt
“ Frank Blackledge to Cole
25th William Douglass to Maria Oliver Sare Pye black
1882 Died
March 29th Mrs Thomas Lawyer Blanch
“ Child of Jacob Van Wagoner
April 4th Mrs Maria Johnson 55
“ 10th Mrs Eliza Cornelius 72
“ 23rd Mrs Henry Powless
“ 3rd Mrs Demby died
June 7th John Johnson died 62
“ 9th Babcock 9boy) died cars ran over him
“ 8th Mrs Lany Van Wagner died 94y
13th Mrs Hannah Jim died
24th Mrs Margaret Uncle Jim step mother in law
29th Mr G W Demarest killed by accident Long Branch railroad
July 2nd Mrs Ellen Van Bryke died

8th Dr Henry A Hopper 58y
8 Dan Herring baby died
29th Joe Dubois died
Aug 11th Mrs Naria Bell Amos died
“ 11th Mrs Sophia Ferdon Kipp died
“ 17th Mr Edward Palmer died
Aug 22nd Rev Alexander Warner 79
“ 30th Mrs Susan Hall
Sep 3rd Mrs Effie Ferdon 78
8th Daniel Cole 56
15th Mrs Margaret Ann Bogart
18th Miss Deronda
23rd Mrs Maria Anderson
Oct 7th Mrs Gilles
“ 12th Mr Griffith
31st Mrs Cate Ver Valen died
Nov 5th Elisha Buckman died
23rd Kitty Eliff died
1883 [Died]
Jan 4th Mrs Margaret Naugle died
“ 10th Mrs Cornelius Harring died
“ 13th Mr James Hopper died 92
Feb 7th Viola Crary died 7y
“ 18th Richard H Brickell 9m 3d
“ 25th Mrs Rachel Demarest died Long Island 56
Feb 26th Pearce Huyler aged 7m
March 3rd George Huyler aged
“ Phillip Huyler
“ 20th Mrs Ann Demarest Dr 86
“ 14th Mr David Tallman
“ 9th Mrs Annie Freeligh
April 7th Mrs Brinkerhoff Teaneck
“ 8th Mrs Maria Harring
“ Mr Richard Costner and grandson
“ 7th Mr Adam Boyd 67
May 8th Mr Richard Van Buskirk 69
“ 11th Mr Charley Sisson died 28
“ 20th Mrs Daniel Lewis “ 68
June 6th Mrs Hannah Jane Ferdon died
19th Mr Charley Moore died 24
27th Mrs Margaret Lydecker widow of the late Rev C F Demarest died Aged 92
July 29th Rev Mrs Van Houten died
“ 29th Mr Abram Ferdon “
Aug 2nd Gussie Van Buskirk “
“ 4th Cap John Johnson “
“ 6 Mrs James Edwards “
Aug 8th Miss Blauvelt died
“ 9th Candy woman died
“ 28th Mrs Jane Vreeland “
Sep 22nd Mrs Maria Vansciver died
“ Mr Peter A Demarest “
Oct 10th Sammy Ferdon 31 “
“ 24th Mrs Jacob Henry Ackerman Died in Asylum [“Died in Asylum” may belong with the previous entry]
Nov 1st Mrs Leah Haring 81 y “
“ 2nd Mr Jacob Van Ostrand 77 y
“ 11th Mr John W Doremus died Assembly elect, was elected Nov 6th 1883
Nov 17th David Blauvelt 86y “
“ 26th James C Demarest 52y “ son of the late Rev C F Demarest
Dec 3rd Garret Demarest 57 y died son of the late C F Demarest
Dec 5th Abram S Zabriskie committed suicide by hanging
Dec 7th Lydia Duryea died
Dec 20th Mr David Doremus died 82 yrs
“ 31st Kitty Demarest died

Deaths 1880
Jan 8th B C Bogart died 56y suicide by taking Laudnum
Feb 4th Abram Powless died 37. Denver Col
“ 5th Mrs Jane Zabriskie died
“ 15th Cap Hammond died
“ 22nd Mrs Ellen Ely Westervelt died
March 26th Mrs Lany Blauvelt died
“ 27th Mr Cornelius G Eckerson died
“ 18th Mr Austin died
“ 10th Mrs Maggie Brower baby died 5 weeks
“ 22 Mr Thomas Eliff died
“ 4th Mr Groosbeck died
April 20th Mr James Blauvelt died by hanging himself
“ 23rd Sam Huyler died 62y
May 22nd Henry Huyler died 59 y [69y?]
July 24th Irving Duryea died 2y 3m
“ 30th John Hen Cole died
Aug 11th Mrs Debby Naugle died
July 13th Miss Brower was murdered last night
Aug 30th Mr Jacob A Herring died
31st Charley Herring died
Sep 15th Mrs Maria Auryansen 62 y
Sep 17th Pag Thompson died 78
Oct 4th Charly Ward died
“ 19th Mr Gabriel Hill died
27th Mrs J E (Youry) Ackerman 47
Nov 5th Mr Quackenbush died Accident on the cars
Dec 27th Mr Jacob Ferdon died 81
26th Mr Lyman died
31st Mr Morrow died
Sep 19th Mrs Sarah Sloat died
1881 [Deaths]
Jan 1st Old Ceaser [froze?] dead
4th Mrs Jane (Powles) Auryansen died
I heard John Price was dead
7th Miss Colliggen died
13th John B Wandle died 71
John Auryansen baby died
Feb 25th Albert Van Emburgh 89
March 11th Becks Lib died
April 7th Miss Mary Copcott died
May 5th Mrs James S Bogart 47y
“ 7th Walter Demarest 12y
June 1st Jacob Blauvelt died fell from the scaffold
June 2nd James Kipp 85y
27th Mrs Minadeer died
29th Mrs Catharine Hopper died
Aug 5th Hollister Huyler aged 1y 10m
Sep 5th Rev A Ackerman died 88
6th Mrs Sally Bellinger died 67
13th Bogart Naugle died 25
15th Annie Zabriskie died
19th President Garfield died
21st Mr Morrow died Newark
22nd Mrs Eliza Freeligh died 64
24th Mrs Lippincott died
25th Mr John Van Wagoner died in the Asylum, Morristown
Aug 6th Mrs Gitty Brinkerhoff died
10th Mrs Mary Margaret Demarest Noon died
19th Dr Forrester died 70yrs
Oct 18th Mr Teunis Harring died 74
“ 19th Mrs Gitty Westervelt “ 66
“ Samuel Demarest “ 82 (miller)
Oct 18th Frank Blackledge died 52
Nov 26th Mrs Rolf Demarest died
Dec 15th Clarley Smith (colered) died fell in a well and broke his neck
1882 [Deaths]
Jan 22nd John P. Demarest died fell off the [mow.?]
“ 27th Mr John Naugle died
Mrs Rachel Westervelt
Feb 1st Mr David Naugle
2nd Mrs Susan Westervelt
3rd Child of Mrs Lyons
Mrs White
8th Miss Elsie Earle died
“ 6th M W Lawrence died
“ 22nd Mr Harry M Speers died
Feb 25th Emma Bogart died 16
March 11th Emma Huyler died
“ 24th Cornelius Zabriskie [26?]
“ 25 Mrs Jacob Vanderbeek 60
Married 1880
Jan 20th Edwin Bogart to Eva Bogart
Feb 4th Dudley Steele to Kate Myers
March 3rd George Cross to Van arsdale
Feb 26th Ver Valen to Minnie Palmer
March Jacob Herring to Miss Berryann
April 28th Mr Joseph Schuessler to Lindemann’July 12th We heard that Rolf Durie was married
22nd Mr Mc Kinney was married
Oct 14th Dr Herring to Mrs K {or H] Angie De Treville
30th Mr Taylor to Miss Sophia Walker
Nov 23rd Will Gates to Kate Ambrose
Dec 29th John Eckerson to Clara Demarest
“ Will Zabriskie to Miss Pearsall
1881 [Marriages]
Feb 10th John Vanderbeek to Miss Sarah Westervelt
“ Cass Zabriskie to Miss Westervelt
“ Fred Naugle to Miss Corning
March 10th James Ellis Demarest to Miss Remsen
April 17th Gus Blackledge to
27th John Brittan to Kit Stephens
28th Dave Naugle to Mrs Sally Day
MayRev John Westervelt to Miss Demarest
June 15th G Gillies to Miss Lizzie Ferdon
16th Banta to Maggie Herring
29th Walter Quevedo to Mary Hawk
Sep 27th Mr Pangburn to Frank Campbell
“ 28th T Penfield Littlebrand to Selina Blackledge
Oct 12th DeMott to Maggie Hopper
“ Lindermann to Colligen
“ 11th Abram to Cate
Nov 1st Dr Carr to Maggie Blauvelt
“ 16th Mr Carpenter to Mrs J H. Cole
1882 [Marriages]
FebM Will Demarest to Ferdon
“ 22nd Mr Van Volkenburgh to Louisa Allen
May 7th Mr John Kipp 49 to Mrs Catharine Demarest 25
July 27th Nicholas Durie to Lillie Lozier
Sep 20th W C Gemand to Louisa Kipp
Oct 11th Remsen Beam to Bertha Farr
19th Dr Gerrit Franklin Blauvelt to Julia Thompson Dederer
25th William Ely to Liblis [Libbe?] Van Buskirk
Nov 23rd to Mary Duryea
Dec 27th George Herring to Nellie Post
Births 1880
Jan 9th Mrs E M. Holdrum, dau.
“ Mrs J Van Blarcom, son
“ 30 Mrs Maggie Brower, son
“ Mrs Johnny Zabriskie, Son
Feb 11th Mrs Ella Jane Demarest, Son
“ 13th Mrs Frank Bartow, Son
“ Mrs Eb Gove, Son
March 8th Mrs J H. Cole, dau
“ 6th Mrs B Blackledge, dau
“ 7th Mrs Paul, dau
April 20th Mrs Maria (Youry) Herring, son, Ellsworth
July Mrs Julia Auryansen, son
Sep 22nd Mrs Matthew Bogart, son
Oct 10 Mrs Ella Hagerman Blauvelt, Caty
17th Mrs Gruber, son
“ Mrs Charley [the?] Baker son
18th Mrs Marie Oliver
23rd Bet (June? Qurie?) daughter
[1881 Births]
Jan 15th Mrs Maggie Brower, son
“ Miss Westervelt (Alice) Zabriskie
March 14th Mrs Hop Van Derbeck daughter
April Mrs Schueseler
AugMrs Leah [Aby?] Holdrum, son
“ Tillie Herring dau
Mrs Calvin Herring, son’
Mrs Martha Smith
Nov Mrs Maggie Seaman, dau
Dec Mrs Fred Naugle, son
Mrs Ira Blauvelt, dau Leah [Mary?]
1882 [Births]
Feb 2nd Mrs Dick Van Buskirk
“ 23rd Mrs E Cave son
March 22nd Mrs Matthew Bogart, son
“ Abram Cate, son
Feb Mrs J Ellis Demarest, daughter
May 15th Mrs Durie Brickell, son Richard
June 13th Mrs Effa Blauvelt Demarest son
July Mrs Maggie DeMott
“ 27th Mrs John Huyler, son
Dec 30th Mrs John Eckerson, son
Oct 16th Mr & Mrs Ira Blauvelt been married 10 y
“ 17th Mr & Mrs Youry have been married 49 yr.


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