Maria Ferdon Journal - Part 1

Excerpts of items of genealogical interest from journals or memorandum books kept by Maria Ferdon of Closter, NJ. Transcribed by Pat Wardell, February 1997.
Transcriber’s Notes:
Maria Ferdon was born 25 September 1827, the daughter of John A. Ferdon and Elizabeth Nagle (Naugle). She apparently never married and lived most if not all of her life in the Closter area of Bergen County, NJ.
The children born to John A. Ferdon and Elizabeth Nagle/Naugle were:
• Magdalena Ferdon (“Lany” in the journals), born 17 July 1808; baptized 5 August 1808 at the Tappan (NY) Reformed Dutch Church; married 9 December 1826 (recorded at the Schraalenburgh Reformed Dutch Church), David Durie, son of Cornelius Durie and Margaret Brinkerhoff.
• Maria Ferdon, born 15 August 1813; baptized 15 September 1813 at the Tappan (NY) Reformed Dutch Church. She died young
• Barent Ferdon (“Barney” in the journals), born 7 November 1822; baptized 11 December 1822 at the Tappan (NY) Reformed Dutch Church; married 4 January 1853 Elsie Ermina Verveelen.
• Maria Ferdon, born 25 September 1827. She did not marry.
Throughout her adult life Maria Ferdon kept journals which contain some narrative description of her trips, visits to family, friends and neighbors, real estate transactions, noteworthy events in her life, and other activities, but which are, for the most part, listings of births, marriages, and deaths of people who lived in the vicinity. This transcription focuses mainly on the items of genealogical interest, although some non-genealogical entries have been retained in this transcription because they add insights into daily life at the time the journals were written.
The Bergen County Historical Society has, in its collection, six of these journals, covering the time period of July 1863 to October 1891. Judging from the numbers Miss Ferdon assigned to the books there were very likely others that preceded these.
Maria Ferdon used bound “blank books” by writing in them first chronologically from front to back on the right hand blank pages until the end of the bound book, then chronologically from back to front on the left hand pages. Thus, when the books are read in a normal fashion, the dates appear out of sequence. For this transcription, the dates have been arranged in sequential, chronological order. Miss Ferdon’s separation of dates into categories of births, marriages, and deaths, has been retained.
This transcription was made from Xeroxed copies of pages from the 6 original journal/memorandum Books owned by the Bergen County Historical Society.
Questionable interpretations of handwriting are in square brackets as are any explanatory interpolations by the transcriber. Any words, phrases, numbers, etc. in parentheses are Maria Ferdon’s own remarks in parentheses. Unusual or remarkable dates, comments, spellings have been underlined to alert the reader that these are as they appear in the journals, and not a typographical error in the transcription.
Original spellings have been retained. The reader should be aware of some of Miss Ferdon’s orthographic eccentricities in order to keep an open mind while reading the transription. She formed the capital letters “I” and “J” so similarly that especially when they appear alone, as initials, for instance, it is impossible to differentiate. Likewise for capital letters “H” and “K.” She often formed the lower case “a” by leaving it open at the top, which can cause the reader to interpret it as a “u.”
In several instances a number in brackets has been interpolated by a different, apparently later, hand (i.e. [#1237]). These are probably identification numbers from a family genealogy (perhaps Demarest) added at a later date. Because they are obviously not part of the original journal, they have been omitted from this transcription.

[Book] No. 4
Miss Maria Ferdon’s Book
July 1963. Closter, Bergen Co., NJ
Married 1863
Oct 29th 1863. Powles Palmer to Ella Martin
Nov Peter Westervelt to Sarah E. Huyler
No Isaac Kipp to Catherine Ann Van Orden
No 26th John Kipp to Sarah Ann Herring
Dec 24th David Blauvelt to Jane Cole
Dec 31st James Bogart to Sarah Herring
Dec 31st Thomas Tait [Fait?] to Debby Naugle
Jan Mr Elisha Buckman to Margaret Hoppin
Feb 22nd William Corning to [blank] Frost
May 18th Mr John Van Buskirk to Kate Baily
June Mr Augustus Tallman to [blank] Bogart [note inserted above “Bogart”: “dumb”]
Aug Rev Mr Cole to Mrs Allen
Sep 21st Mr James Forrester Dr. to Miss Margaret Ann Christie
Nov 5th Mr Daniel Christie to Miss Sarah E. Zabriskie
Nov Mr Francis Hasbrouck Dr. to Elsey De Pew
Nov 24th Mr Sthephen Powles to Miss Fanny Acker
Mr David Powles to Miss [blank] Conklin
Dec 28th Mr Abraham Ferdon to Miss Anna Maria Brinkerhoff
Dec Rev Mr John Cooper to Miss Bogart
Jan 1st Tunis Harring to Miss [blank] Bogart
Jan 3rd John N Harring to Miss Lois Ann Heron
Jan Mr Bogart to Mrs. De Mott
Jan 1st Mr Henry Zabriskie to Miss Margaret Ann Demarest
Jan 8th Mr John Bell to Miss Ann Brigs
May 23rd 1865 Mr John Henry Cooper to Miss Rachel [blank] Palmer
June Mr George W. DeClark to Miss [blank]
June 21st Mr Henry Bellinger to Miss [blank]
July 29th Mr Ben Duryea to Miss Maria Herring
Oct 4th Mr Joseph Wood to Miss [Aralinda?] Youry
Nov 18th Mr Abraham Demarest to Kate Westervelt
Nov 18th Mr Peter McLane to Miss [Antenelle? Antenette? Powley?]
Jan 18th James Henry Blauvelt to Kitty Carr
April 25th D. Degraw Smith to Martha Harring
May 6th Charles [blank] to Alice Demarest
May 21st Mrs An Hess to a Dutchman
23rd David Mann to Elesta Maybie
Births 1863
Nov Mrs D Naugle of a daughter Margaret
Dec 10th Mrs Hannah Zabriskie of a son David
16th Mrs Margaret Demarest of a daughter Maria
12th Mrs Maria [Josharin?] of a daughter Cornelia E
Jan Mrs Jane Harring of a son Clement
Feb Mrs Sarah Auryansen of a son Charles
Feb Mrs Charlotte Price of a son
March 30th Mrs. E. E. Ferdon of a son Abraham Earl
April 10th Mrs Lydia Parsels of a son
April Mrs Charlotte Palmer of a daughter
April 22nd Mrs Jane Auryansen of a son George Wilson [or Wilson George]
Jan Mrs Curby Van Bryke of a daughter Ella
May 5th Mrs Ellan Bonham of a son William
April Mrs Ann Elizabeth Acker of a son Zabriskie
May Mrs David Durie of a daughter
June 4th Mrs. Bridget [blank] of a daughter Catharine Ann
Sep 24th Mrs Rachel D Sthephens of a son Eugene
Oct 6th Mrs Jane Ward of a daughter Gitty
Oct Mrs Dinah Sisco of a son
Nov 1st Mrs Agnes Zelef of a son still born
Dec Miss Belinda Van Horn of a son died
Dec Miss Cornelia Blanch of a daughter
Jan 1865 Mrs Jacob Acker Harring of a daughter
Jan 11th Mrs Margaret [illegible word inserted above, poss “--ing”] Demarest of a daughter Bertha
March 20th Mrs Cornelius Durie son son
April 12th Mrs Catharine Anna DePew of twins. sons. Peter. Tunis.
April 25th Mrs Fanny Powles of a daughter
July 25th Mrs Helen Banta of a daughter Elanor
July 19th Mrs Sarah Bogart of a son
Nov 19th Mrs Ellen Bonham of twins girls
Oct 31st Suc of a girl
Jan 21st Mrs Jane Blauvelt of a son A Myers
Feb Mrs Jane Auryansen of a son Edward
March 26th Mrs Sarah Huyler Westervelt of a son James
May 8th Mrs Jane Ward of a son he had a harelip
Deaths 1863
Aug Andrew Herring died
Sep 10th 1863 Mary Eliza Herring died
18th Abraham Riker died
Oct 16th Edward Earle died
17th David Eckerson died
20th Alletta Demarest died. child
23rd Albert Hess died
26th a child of David N Durie
Nov 2nd a child of A. Wandle
6th another child of David N Durie
7th Rev Abraham Vreeland died
17th George Brinkerhoff died
28th Peter B. Westervelt died
Dec 11th Mr Peck died
26th a child of Abraham Riker
28th Garry Ackerman died. a child of E. E. A.
Jan 6th a child of Moses & Maria Sneden
Jan 8th a child of Abraham Riker deceased
Jan 3rd John Tallman died
Jan 19th John Courtrite died. Black
20th a child of Mr G. Allen. Troy NY
24th Mrs Agnes Herring died. aged 28 y
Feb 2nd Peter Parsel. Feb 3rd Abraham Parsel. died. children of Mr & Mrs Parsel, aged 4. 6.
Feb 5th Mrs. Catharine Powless died
Feb 22nd Two children of Mr Larmer. drowned.
March 4th Mr. Garret Demarest died his wife died April 13 1863 Netty Demarest
March 1864 Mr David Demarest died
March 27th Mr Cornelius Z Bogart died self murder
April 2nd Mr Peter D Harring died [inserted: Petras]
A..8th Mr Abram Blauvelt died
April 14th Mrs Aletta Brickell died
April 21st Mr [Mrs?] Isaac Sloat died
April 28th Mr David H. Kipp died
April Mr. Jacob H. Ferdon died [this entry has a black line above and somewhat through it; it may be meant to cross it out]
May 23rd Mr John Demarest died kinderkamack
June 11th Mrs. Rev G. M. S. Blauvelt
July 20th child of John Youry
Aug 25th Mrs. Gitty Wandle died
Sep 11th Miss Annie Man died
Sep 13th Miss Doremus died
Sep 13th Mr Richard Harring died
Sep 18th Mr Cornelius Blauvelt. 80 years
Sep 11th Miss Annie Mann [this entry is crossed out]
Sep 27th Mr Myers Anderson died
Oct 3rd Mrs Harriot Maby died
Nov 5th Miss Harriot Johnson died
Nov 8th Mrs Ann Blauvelt died. aged 91 y 10 m
Nov 9th Mrs Sally Van Horn died
Nov 28th Mrs Ann Demarest died. Hatter
Dec 18th Mrs. Cornelia Quackenboss died
Miss Mary De Clark died
Jan 14 1865 Mr Heron died
Jan 24th Mrs Kate Amos [Banta? Barto?] died
Feb 3rd Mr Frederick Naugle died 85.
Feb 21st Mr John A Ferdon 79. 3m
March 12th Mrs Lydia Parsels died
April 14th Mr. Abraham Lincoln President of the United States was shot and died the 15th 1865
May 13th 1865 Eva Huyler died [this entry has a black line above and somewhat through it; it may be meant to cross it out]
Aug 6th Mrs Phebe Huyler died. aged 90 black
Sep 13th Mrs. Bridget Harring died. 80
Sep 18th Mr Billy Jacox died
Oct 3rd Mrs Margaret Demarest died
6th Mrs Susan Pankburn died
16th Mr Thomas Jacob Outwater died
Nov 15th Rev Samuel Westervelt died
Dec 17th Mr Lucas Vorhis died
Feb 16th Jacob Harring died. 79
17th Andrew Zabriskie died
19th Mrs Leah Demott died
March Dorcas Harring died
April 5th Mr Jacob G Brinkerhoff died 76
May 9th Mrs Hester Naugle died
May 29th General [Scoot? Levot?] died
[Personal Journal]
May 1st 1866, Tues. I sold my Closter land what I got of my mother for $500. to John J. Brinkerhoff.
11th F. Went to the funeral of Mrs. Hester Naugle.
May 16th W. Barney was sworn in as Justice of the Peace.
24th Thurs. Lany & Cornelius was here for an hour or two. there was two new roads laid over their farm.
No. 5
Miss Maria Ferdon’s Book.
Closter, NJ
Aug 11th 1866
June 11th 1866 Mon. I went to see my Aunt Mrs Caty Huyler.
12th Tues. I came home. Barney and Elsey went to the wedding of Mr. Ferdon Westervelt and Maria Earl.
Births 1868
June 21st Mrs Jane Blauvelt of a son George
July 3rd Mrs Leah Ann Tanner of a daughter
Hannah Jordan of a [blank]
July Mrs Cornelia Parsels of a son
Aug 9th Mrs Rev C. Blauvelt of a daughter
Aug 24th Mrs. Mary L. [“Marson” “Maxson”? inserted, above] Van Buskirk of a son
Aug 30th Mrs. Hannah Zabriskie of a daughter Magdalena
Sep Mrs Margaret Ver Valen
Oct 17th Mrs Helen Banta of a son David Schuyler
Nov 12th Mrs Eserman of a son Frank
August Mr James H. Blauvelt of a son William Freeligh
Jan Mrs Sophia Blauvelt of a daughter Matilda Harring
April 14th Mrs Martha Post of a daughter Caroline
May 16th Mrs E E Ferdon of a son. Died Aug 16th 1869 S.W.
May 26th Mrs Ella Naugle of a daughter
June Mrs Antonette McLane of a daughter
[the following item was set off separately]
Cornelius D Durie was born Sep 5 1841. Died Oct. 13th 1868. Aged 27y 1m 8 days [a prayer and verse follows]
Deaths 1868
Mar 6th Tunis I Blauvelt died
19th Mrs Maria Harring died. Aged 93y 2m
7th Mrs Elizabeth [Blanch?] died
31st Mr Henry Ferdon died
April 21st Mr Nicholas C Durie died
May 4th Miss Charlotte Hill died
May 21st Mrs Hannah Riker died
July 2nd wife of Jimmy Blauvelt died
July 24th Mrs Hannah Margaret Demarest died [“Blauvelt” is inserted above this line, between “Margaret” and “Demarest”]
Aug 5th child of John & Lois Harring died
Aug 14th child of Charley and Alice
Sep 8th child of Jacob A and Maggie Harring
Oct 12th Cornelius D Durie Aged 27 y 1 m 8 days
28th John A Herring died. Jug.
Nov 7th Jacob R Wortendyke died. Lawyer. in the 50 year of his age
Nov 9th Ramsen Van [Bryke?]
Nov 28th Mr Adolphus Herring died
Dec 31st Mr Jacob Lozier died
Jan 2nd Mr Abraham Vervalen died. aged 73.
3rd Captain Isaac Smith died
Feb 24th Mrs Ann Maria De Pew died
Jan 29th Mrs Rache Van Buskirk died
Feb 28th Mr Cornelius died
March 11th Mr Isaac Thorbis died
17th Miss Agnes B Sofield died 11y
[Transcriber’s note: at this point in the journal there is a page of gravestone inscriptions, each with a verse, which has been omitted below, except where it might provide a genealogical clue.]
Mrs Elizabeth Auryansen died Aug 2nd 1866 Aged 68 years 6 months. Sleep, dear mother, sleep...
“In Memory of Michael Weaver who died March 26th 1847. Aged 38 years 3 months and 9 days.” This man was drowned on a stormy night in the Tappan Bay, and was buried in the Sing Sing Cemetery. [Maria Ferdon note]
Engraved on the Tombstone of Mrs Peggy Powless who died [blank] [Verse indicates she left a husband and children]
Engraved on the Tombstone of John Ver Valen. [verse indicates he left a wife
Married 1866
June 12th Ferdon Westervelt to Maria Earl
“ David Amos to Sarah Westervelt
July 11th John D Durie to Rachel Ackerman
Sep 11th Rev Mr Blauvelt to Miss Hodges
Sep 8th Hopper Vanderbeek to Phebe Ann Auryansen
Oct 17th Albert Harring to [blank] Demarest
Nov 13th Rev Cornelius Blauvelt to [blank]
17th Vreeland B Demarest to Christina Durie
Dec 30th A Auryansen to Hester Naugle
April 10th Jefferson Tilt to Maria Jane Demarest
May 12th Edward Taylor to Mary Jane Short
May 15th Cornelius Durie to Rachel Zabriskie
Aug 28th Mr. [blank] Turnure to Miss Mary Jane Herring
Sep 25th Mr [blank] Kerkwood to Miss Helan Maria Blauvelt
“ Andrew Van Buskirk to [blank] Demott
Oct 16th Mr Van Brunt to Annie Ackerman
Nov 30th Abraham Vervalen to Margaret Naugle
Dec 25th Cornelius Henry Vanderbeek to [blank] Ackerman
Jan 8th 1868 Mr Samuel Van Buskirk to Mary Louisa [Maxson? Mareson?]
Jan Mr Isaac Martin Blauvelt to Sophia [blank]
March 11th John Eckerson to Rachel Haring [“Rachel” is crossed out, and “Sarah” is inserted]
June 24th Mr [blank] Knapp to Miss Kate Lydecker
Oct 21st Mr Cornelius B Palmer to [blank]
Nov 25th Mr [blank] Hopper to Miss Maria Hopper
24th [26th?] Dr Sthephens was married to Miss S [blank]
Married 1869
Jan Mr George Luckey was married to Mary Jane Blanch
Jan Mr [blank] Taylor to Gertrude Herring
March 1st Mr [blank] Sofield to [blank]
March Mr [blank] to Mary Lizzie Ward
June 16th Mr John Henry T Banta to Miss Susie C. Steinly
June 19th Mr [blank] to Miss Maria Conklin
July Mr Abraham D Auryansen to Miss [blank] Renwick
Births 1866
Aug Mrs Catharine Lawrence of a daughter
Aug Mrs Dinah Sisco of died
Sep 5th Mrs. Leah Ann Tanner of a son. died
Dec Mrs [Frelen?] Jotham of a
Jan Mrs [Cornelis? Cornelia?] Auryansen of twins. daughters. Cornelia Eliza
Feb 22nd Mrs Maria Johnson of a son G. W.
Mrs Margaret Demarest of a son [Ely?]
Mrs Euphemia Powles [of a] daughter Margaretta
Mrs Caroline Harring [of a] daughter Garetta
April 4th [Mrs?] Matilda Doremus son David [“Parker” is added in a different writing style]
March Mrs Abraham Ferdon
May 17th Mrs Jacob Acker Harring of a son [“Everet Brown” is inserted above this; it is not clear whether this name is meant to go with this entry or the one above it]
April Mrs Maria Earl Weservelt of a daughter Sophia
May 29th Mrs Martha Post of a son Alonzo
June Mrs Sarah Auryansen son Abraham
July 14th Mrs. Phebe Ann Vanderbeek of a son
Aug 11th Mrs E. Camel dead
Oct Mrs Alice [blank] daughter Dorcas
Oct Mrs Dinah Sisco of a daughter
Oct Mrs James Bartow of a son
Jan 9th Mrs Freeland Demarest of a daughter
Jan Mrs Richard Blauvelt son Arthur
Feb 17th Mrs Hester Auryansen
April Mrs. Amanda Bellinger
April 17th Mrs Jane Allen Auryansen of a son Albert [Denby?]
Deaths 1866
June 22nd Mrs Maria Westervelt died
July 25th Mrs Maria Humphrey died
29th Mr Daniel Blauvelt died
Aug 2nd Mrs Elizabeth Auryansen died
5th Child of Thomas & Debby Tait. 5 months
Aug Child of Cornelius & Jane Auryansen. Edward. 8 mo.
Sep 12th Child of Mr & Mrs Iserman. Matthias. 2-1/2 yrs.
Aug 13th Mrs. Anna Durie Died
Aug 27th Dr Frank Hasbrouck died [illegible 2 or 3 words]
Oct 28th William Tanner aged 2 months
30th Mrs Nancy Blackledge
Nov 9th Mrs Lydia Ackerman died
27th Miss Emma Taylor died. aged 19
Jan 3rd Mr David Christie died
4th Mrs Catharine Huyler 85y 4 m 9d
6th Miss Emaline Auryansen. 17y
6th Mr Linddeman died
11th Mr John Van Wart died
12th Mr Albert Cooper died
Feb William Price child died
2nd Abraham Blauvelt died. Tailor
9th Samuel Demarest died. Doc
19th Lizzie Kipp died
March 7th David H. Youry died 6y11m
Feb 17th Aaron Debaun died
April 10th Mrs Helen Paulison died. 90
14th Mr John Westervelt died
May 4th Mr Jacob Riker died
May 24th Maggie Johnson died 13 years
June 1st Mrs H Elizabeth Westervelt died
4th Miss Flannly died
July 8th Col. A. Van Emburgh died. hanging
Aug 8th Charley H. Frealigh died aged 7y
19th Mrs Hester Bogart died
28th Mr James Sthevens died
Sep 7th Cornelia one of the twin baby of Cornelia Auryansen died. 8 months
19th Mr Miles died
Oct 1st Mrs Bridget Banta died committed suicide by cutting her throat. She was a cousin of my father.
17th A child of Tommy [Tail? Tait?] died
17th Mr Lippincott died.
30th Mr Samuel Banta died
Nov 8th Mr Albert Vorhess. [83?]
Dec 6th Mr Cornelious Ackerson died
10th Mr Albert J Terhune died
10th Iserman baby died. 1 year old
16th Mrs Rachel Harring died. Brink-- [?]
Jan 8th Mr James Blackledge died
14th a boy of David N Durie 1y [remaining 2 or 3 words illegible]
24th John Anderson died
24th Claus Thompson died
25th Resolvert Naugle died
Feb 8th Bridget died
12th Henry Sisco died black
25th a child of Garry and Ellen Iserman died
[Book] No. 6
My Memorandum Book
Maria Ferdon, Closter, NJ
Sep. 1869
Deaths 1872
Oct 26th Mrs Dr Bartow died
George Bartow “
Nov 17th Miss Margaret Vanreyper, aged 50 y
29th Mr Horace Greely died
Dec 11th Mrs Betsy Jordan
27th Mrs Mary Zabriskie died
30th Mr Peter Huyle died
20th Child of C Durie died
“ Child of Jacob E Herring died
Jan 21st George Ferdon died 20y 7m
Feb 3rd Mrs Peggy Harring died
March 21st Mr Daniel Blauvelt died
April 2nd Mr Henry Smith died “ Mr Slocum died
“ Mrs Martha Myers died
“ 17th Son of Abraham & M.L. Holdrum
“ 18th Bill Oliver died
“ 12th Mr Richard Paulison 99 y 6 m 12 days
“ 5th Miss Susannah Grossbeek died
May 10th Mrs Maria Huyler died
“ Rev Eben S Hammond died
[squeezed in between two lines:]
little Jacob
July 5th Mrs Maria Blauvelt, 87
Marries 1871
Aug 17th Mr Edward Underwood to Maria Catharine Demarest
Oct 19th Mr Abraham Demarest to Mrs Phebe Cooper
Nov 29th Mr Thomas Edgar Brickell to Miss Christyna Cooper
Dec 7th Mr Jasper Ferdon to Miss Westervelt
“ 27th Mr Alfred [Cane?] to Miss Elizabeth Blauvelt
[Marriages] 1872
Jan 10th Mr Mount to Miss Annie Maria Westervelt
“ 13th Mr David Doremus to Miss Jemima Christie
“ 24th Mr Abraham Holdrum to Mary Leah Hopper
Feb 21st Mr James Kipp to Miss Rachel Naugle
“ 22nd Mr Garret S. Demarest to Miss Elizabeth Anderson
March 7th Mr William Hotchkiss to Miss Cate M. Huyler
April 24th Mr Outwater to Miss Crissie Zabriskie
June 16th Mr Calvin Harring to Miss Demarest
“ 26th Mr Asher Irving Huyler to Miss Emma C. Wood
“ 27th Mr John Cole to Miss Sarah Demarest
July [blank] to Miss Dill
Oct 10th Mr Augustus Bogart to Miss Maria O.Blenis
Nov 7th Mr Frederick Dodd to Miss Rachel Blauvelt
Dec 11th Mr Abe Zabriskie to Miss Christiana Berdan
Dec 11th Mr Edward Herring to Miss Matilda Demarest
Dec 4th Mr Jacob J DeMott to Miss Daisy Mercier French
Dec 31st Mr Tunis Cole to Miss [N?]etta Ackerman
[Marriages 1873]
Jan 4th 1873 Peter Ackerman to Ellen Jane Blauvelt
May 22nd John Huyler to Annie Post
1871 Births
Jan 14th Rev & Mrs V. Buskirk son
“ Mrs Lolly Ferdon Westervelt daughter
Feb Mrs Lucinda [blank] daughter
Feb Mrs Leah Ann Tanner daughter
Mar 12th Mrs Dr Crary son
Mrs Maggie Blackledge
Mar 14th Mrs Mine Van Buskirk dead daughter
May 24th Mrs Maggie Ver Valen daughter
19th Mrs. Eiserman son
May Dinah
Oct Mrs. Jane Ward
Oct Mrs Maria Johnson
Nov 19th Mrs George DeClark son
Nov 19th Mr [sic] Mary Anna Denly [Denby?] Green daughter
1872 [Births]
Feb Mrs John Henry Banta daughter
April 8th Mrs James DeClark son
May 10th Mrs. Jane Blauvelt daughter Maria
“ 14th Mrs. Eliza Duryea daughter
July 13th Mrs Helan Banta daughter Mary Alice
“ Mrs Maggie Herring daughter
Aug Mrs Henry Ferdon twins
Oct 6th Mrs [Cave? Carie?] Elizabeth son
9th Mrs Sarah Auryansen son
Nov 26th Mrs Mary Leah Holdrum son
Nov Mrs Rachel Degraw
Dec 17th Mrs Jane Auryansen son
1873 [Births]
Jan Mrs Cate Hotchkiss daughter
Feb Mrs Sophia Blauvelt daughter
March Mrs Maggie Blackledge
June Rev Mrs G S Blauvelt daughter
“ Mrs Asher Irving Huyler daughter
“ Mrs Mina (“poor” inserted) Van Buskirk daughter
April Abraham Ferdon was married to
May 22nd John Huyler to Annie [blank] [entire line crossed out]
“ Matthew Bogart to [blank] Hopper
Died 1870
March 29th Mr. Vanvolkenburgh Troy
April 18th Mr. Tunis Banta Hackensack
Aug 1st Mr John Demarest “
14th baby of Thomas Fait
15th James Blauvelt Rockland
Oct 9th child of Jack Fish 10 year diptherea
Oct 15th Mrs Rachel Kearney died [91] yr
Oct 29th Dr M Hasbrouck died
Nov 11th John Van Buskirk died poor John he was called but he was rich in mony but it could not keep him alive
Dec 16th Lois, baby of Jacob abd Caroline Herring
“ Mrs Edward S Harring
28th Mrs Sally Westervelt died
1871 [Deaths]
Jan 4th Mrs Hannah Perry died
2nd Mr John Ferdon died
5th Mr John Jordan died
13th Morris Bartow died a young man
Feb 13th Mr Abraham Blauvelt died 85
15th Mrs Sally Lozier died 82
10th Mrs Julia Bob Dickinson died
[date crossed out] Mr John Lozier died 62 son of Sally
22nd Mary Jane Dubois died
March 29th Matthew Bogart died 91 yrs
April 5th Samuel Bogart 33yr
8th Charlotte Hering died
March Mrs Corning died
April 22nd David Perry died
30th Larry Sneden died
May 17th Henry Hopper died son in law of John Van Buskirk
May Mr Lusk died
June 1st Mrs. Maria Tallman died
3rd Mr Lord died
4th Mr David Clarck died
3rd Mrs Walker died chosen of Lord
16th Mr William Sneden died
July 8th a child of Mr and Mrs. Jacob Blauvelt
8th Rev Mrs Elizabeth Bellinger
20th Albert Bogart
20th William Kipp
22nd Cornelius Van Buskirk
24th Mrs Fanny Foster
Miss Ritie Oliver black
Aug 27th a child of Savannah Merrit 7m
Sep 23rd Mrs Sally Bogart died
Sep 23rd Mr Henry Ver Valen 87
“ Cesar died black
“ 28th John Conklin died
Oct 2nd George Vorhis died
“ 4th John Ver Valen Russia
“ Mrs. Schoonmaker died
Nov 5th Henry Westervelt died
Nov 19th David C. Durie died 65.6m
Nov 25th Mrs Margaret Hopper died
Dec 1st Mrs. Lansing died
10th Mr Cornelius Holdrom
20th Mr William Holdrom died
Mr Thomas Vorhis died
1872 [Deaths]
Jan 2nd John A. Herring died Bobby
“ Joseph Jordan died
“ 13th Mrs Hannah Blauvelt died 97.10m
Dec 20th Mrs William Price died 1871
“ 18th David Bogart died Westwood
“ 6th Mr Fisk was shot by Mr Stokes
“ 7th Mr Fisk died
“ 26th Mr George Lawrence died
Feb 4th Mr W Pomeroy Baxter died
7th Mrs Cornelia Vervalen died 87
Feb 7th son of John Kipp 6yrs
“ 8th Mrs Leah Riker died 86 y.
“ 9th Mrs. Sickels died
22nd Mrs Sally Vervalen died
“ 24th Mr Samuel R Demarest
March 31st Mrs. Maria Conklin died
April 9th Florence Cooper aged 3 y 7 mos
May Paully Paulisson 39
May Tim Lydecker
May 30th Willie Blauvelt 3 y 10 m
May 20th Child of J. H. T. Banta
June 5th Joeseph Shivitlateer
14th James Westervelt
July 1st Abraham Post
“ William [Gecox?]
3rd Mrs Gill Kearney died
21st Matthew Herring died
Aug 6th Mrs Leah Herring 86 yr
Sep 1st Mrs Sally Campbell died
Aug 27th Mr Cornelius Ackerman died
Sep 21st Mr Cornelius Blauvelt died
Oct 8th Mr William Ferdon 85 yr
“ Dr John Demarest
Alter 1869
Sep 8th 1867 [sic] John Van Buskirk was married to Wilmina Harring
Sep 8th “ R R Riddel, 24 was married to Rachel Annie Naomi Palmer, 18
Oct 6th “ Mr James B Manderville was married to Annie [H?] Harring
9th “ John Herring was married to Hannah Durie
24th “ [blank] Parsels was married to Euphemia Johnson
26th “ Mr John Auryansen was married to Mrs Maria Thorbis
Jan 20th Rev Mr Van Buskirk was married
May 12th Henry Vorhis was married to Mrs Dickson
12th “ “ was married to Miss Sickels
25th John Jacob Blackledge was married to Miss Maggie Herring
July 3rd Stephen Dunk was married to Mary Jane DeGroot colored
Sep 27th Mr Abram Tallman was married to Maria Zabriskie
[blank] was married to Miss [blank] Fish Albany
Oct 11th Mr Albert Duryea was married to Miss Eliza Bartow
Dec 26th Mr Abraham Gurnee was married to Ann Eliza Demarest
Jan 10th Mr [blank] Green was married to Miss Mary Ann Denby Troy
Feb 22nd Mr James DeClark was married to Miss [blank]
Jan Mr James Walter Westervelt was married to Miss Lizzie Auryansen Hackensack
April 18th Mr Matthew Powles was married to Mrs Mary Powles
May 10th Mr [blank] was married to Miss Maria Frend
Mr Henry Taylor was married to Miss Evelena Taylor
Died 1869
Sep 9th 1869 Mrs Adelia Banta
Sep 19th Moses J. Taylor died, aged 98
Oct 5th Mrs Maria Christie died
6th Mrs Benjamin Blackledge died
7th Rev James Demarest died aged 89.7 m
Nov 17th Alfred Mosher Powles died
19th Garret Herring died
20th Adaline Herring died
Dec 31st Lydia Herring died aged 88
Dec Rachel Mason died
[written down outside edge of page:]
My canary bird Jerry died Aug 31st 1869 aged 9 years. Poor Jerry had to die.
Jan 9th Mr John Huyler died
11th Mrs. Reed died
11th boy of Mrs Van Ostrand
18th Isaac Cole died
21st Mrs Moore died
Feb 13th Henry Vorhis died
15th Thomas Herring died
19th a child of A. Zabriskie died
19th Mrs Jemima Ferdon died 78 y, 4 m, 13 d
March 5th Mr John C. Westervelt died
24th Mr Cornelius Smith died
April 2nd Mrs Annie Herring died 80 yr
May Mrs Linderman died
May 17th Mary Helan DeMott Van Buskirk died
May Ex Sheriff Orser died
June 10th Mrs Abraham Ferdon
June 13th Mrs. Elizabeth Herring Nanuet aged 74.11.9
June 17th Garret Day
June 28th Hen [Tone? Lane?] died
July 25th Mary Lizzie McCully died
July 25th John H. Westervelt
Maria Hopper baby died 4 m
Maria Garrison baby died
Births 1869
Oct Mrs Sarah Huyler Westervelt son
Mrs Rev C Blauvelt daughter
Nov 6th Mrs Margaret Huyler son Henry
Dec 1st Mrs. Maria Youry Herring Etta
Mrs James Demarest twins
Mrs Eliza Bross twins son and daughter
Jan 1st 1870 Mrs Carrie Harring daughter Lois died Dec 16th 1870
Jan 16th Mrs Maria Sneden daughter
Mrs Doc Smith daughter
March 24th Mrs Sarah Auryansen daughter Carrie
May 14th Dinah still born
9th Mrs Hannah Durie Herring daughter
24th Mrs Maggie Jacob A, Herring son Everette
Aug Mrs Jacob Blauvelt Old Hook Child died July 8th 1871
Aug Mrs John Henry Banta of twins boy and girl, boy died
Aug 28th Mrs Cornelius Durie son
Sep 6th Mrs Hannah Zobriskie son Hamilton
Sep 12th Mrs Letita Ferdon daughter
Nov 26th Mrs. Isaac M [or H?] Blauvelt daughter Ma.
[Book 7]
Miss Maria Ferdon’s Book
Daily Journal Commencing
June 20th, 1873
[1875 Deaths]
January 1875
15th Mr. John Cooper died. 92
Mrs. Palmer died and 2 others
Miss Maria Jordan died
20 Mr Jacob Jordan “ 8
21 Mrs Cornelia Bogart “ 8
8 Mr Jasper Demarest died
9 Mrs John Stagg “
10 Mr. Bogart. Baker
10 Mr John Tallman died
00 [?] Mrs. Maria Haring (DeWolf)
17th Mrs Gitty Herring died.
5th Mrs Maria Eckerson died. Brickell
14th Mrs Elizabeth [S. inserted] Demarest died. aged 86 y
25 Mrs DeWolf died
3rd Mr Isaac Tallman died
18 John Randell died
Dinah Sisco died
20th John Jacob Blackledge died
12th Ella Loucks died aged 12y
10th P. Hamilton Zabriskie Dr died
12th Mrs Anna Maria Chivaleteer Earl died
27th Mrs Rev Henrietta Cole died
12th David P Herring died
24th Jacob J Blauvelt died
Mrs. Elizabeth Brinkerhoff died
Oct 1875
Oct 9th Sarah Jane [Doremus?] died
31st Mr A Auryansen “
2nd Bridget Acker “
1st Jose Herring “
9th [or 7th?] Mr David Himmey [Kimmey?], aged 84, “
22nd Wilson Vice President of the United States died
23 Mrs Sarah E Christie died
28th Miss Emma Herring died 17 y
29th Irene Blackledge died 2y7
11th Willie H Mandaville died 4.11.6
25th Mrs Acker daughter of Tom Herring died
Feb 19th Mr Peter Edwin Huyler Aged 24y5m9d
March 6th Edward Allen died
March 7th Mrs Betsey Allen died, 80
Births 1873, 1874, 1875
July Mrs Jasper Ferdon daughter
Sep 20th Mrs Rachel I [J?] Stephens Son, Percy
Feb Jus of a daughter
March [6th?] Mrs Annie Huyler daughter
May 27th Wed Mrs. Hannah Zabriskie daughter Jane Anderson
June 9th Mrs Emma Ferdon, daughter Annie
May 21st Mrs Chrissie Otwater son Anderson
Aug 15th Miss Nancy
Aug Mrs Janes DeClarck daughter
“ Mrs Irving Huyler daughter
Sep 4th Mrs Elizabeth [Care?] daughter
Oct Nance
Jan 1875 Mrs John F Herring. Hannah. Son
“ Mrs Hannah Jane Ferdon son
Mar 3rd Mrs Maria Tallman son
Feb Mrs Doc Crary — son
March Mrs Annie Huyler. son, George
May Mrs Elizabeth (Tallm?] Herring of a daughetr
“ Mrs Dinah, daughter
July 1st Mrs Jane Blauvelt. twins. boy and girl. Stephen. Linda
13th Mrs Lene Demarest son
Aug Georgianna Shopp of a son
Oct Mrs Irving Huyler daughter
“ Mrs Degraw Kipp daughter
Nov 28th Mrs Sophia Blauvelt son
Dec 5th Mrs Matthew Bogart
Married 1873
July 31st Mr John Harring to Miss Elizabeth Tallman
Sep 18th Mr William Herring to Miss Evva Huyler
Oct 22nd Mr John H. Ackerman to Miss Van Emburgh
Oct 30th Mr James Onderdonk to Miss Maggie Holdrom
Dec 31st Mr Garry Eckerson to Miss Maggie Hammond
Jan 8th Mr David Vervalen to Miss Palmer
“ Mr Dick Herring to Miss Annie Bell (Mrs. Campell)
Dec 24th 1873 Mr James Demarest to Mrs. Jane Ann Anderson
Feb 4th 1874 Mr Henry Zabriskie to Miss Christie
“ 5th Mr Cornelus A Eckerson to Miss Laurena Wortendyke
April 22nd Mr Peter Vorhees to Miss Mary C Harris
June 3rd Mr John Marshall Shopp to Miss Georgianna Huyler
Aug Mr Peter Westervelt to Mrs Cooper
July 26th Mr William Price was married to
Sep 23rd Mr Peter Edwin Huyler was married to Leah Bogart
“ 20th David D Campbell was married to Lareno Anderson
Oct 23rd William Robertson was married to Julia Ann Willian
“ 17th Samuel Ferdon was married to Hannah Jane Iserman
Oct 28th Edmund Stephens was married to Sarah Hammond
Nov 4th John Demarest was married to Lena Tanner [Fanner?]
Dec 2nd Abraham Egbert was married to Rachel Demarest
Dec Richard Earl was married to Mrs. Ann Maria Shiolater
Jan 14 West Stagg was married to Westervelt
Mr Vorhis “ to Miss Eliza Hopper
May Mr Peterson was married to Miss Rachel Auryansen
“ Mr to Christina Demarest King
June 10th Andrew Hopper Herring to Sarah Matilda Westervelt
Aug 2nd August and Lizzie was married by Justice B[?]
“ 4th Mr Rylie was married to Sophia Herring
Nov Mr Cole was married to Emma Demarest
“ 17th Mr. Henry Harring was married to Mary Brickell
Nov 24th George Brinkerhoff was married to Ella
DeWolf “ “ to Cleveland
Jan 16th Tunis Pete was married to Beck Lib
20th Henry Banta was married to Mary Moore
July 20th Mr. Drummond died
Aug 8th Child of Jaco and Cary Harring 3m
Sep “ Dr Bartow died
Oct 11th Mrs Adaline Doremus died
“ 19th William Devoe died
“ 21st Lenes brother died
“ James Christie died
Nov 28 Two boys drowned at Piermont
Jan 9th Tone died
Feb 7th John J [or I] Blauvelt 86y4m26d
“ 16th Garret J Banta committed suicide by hanging himself, was married the 14th. He had wrote on a paper he was tired of life.
March 3rd James Warren Demarest died
5th Abraham Blanch 53y
“ 7th Polly Harring died
“ 8th Mr John R Paulison died 71.2.12
“ 12th Mr Jacob M Bogart 54
“ 26th Mrs Sally Ann Herring died
“ 28th Mr [Day?] died
April 10th Mr Abraham A Herring died 68.6.6
9th Mrs Emma Bartow Smith “
27th Mr Stephen Youry died [82.5]
28th Mr James Ferdon died 33
May 7th Mrs Margaret Huyler died aged
“ 6th Cornelius L. Blauvelt died 56 years
June Mr Ackenbach died [entry crossed out]
Aug Mr John OBlenis died
“ 31st Mrs Eliza Voorhis died 68
“ 21st Mr Sisson died
Sep 4th Mrs Rachel Van Buskirk 64 [68?]
“ 8th Lilly Huyler daughter of J [Arthur?] 6 months
“ 18 Mrs Peggy Bogart died
“ 21 Mrs Sally Campbell died
“ 19th Mrs Sally Parsels died
“ 11th Mrs Letty Bogart died
Oct 18th Mr Peter T Harring
Oct 22nd Mr Mead died
“ 23rd Mr [blank] [indecipherable word]
“ 23 Mr Matthew Bogart died
“ 25th Mr John Parsells died fell off of a rock
“ 26th Abraham Myers died 68
“ 27th Sue Charlston “
Nov 30th Mayor Havemeyer died
Dec 10th John Van Buskirk 82
Dec 23rd Matthew Anderson died
“ 19 Maria Vervalen died
“ 21st Jacob Zabriskie died
Miss Maria Ferdon’d Diary
March 1876
Closter, N.J.
June 14th Cora Bogart died 4 yrs
July 8th Mrs Cornelia Van Emburgh died
“ David [Bobby? inserted] Herring died
“ Miss Catharine Van Horn died
Aug 25th Natilda Brinkerhoff Aged 59.6.13
“ 30 Rev David Cole died 80 y
Child of Stephen Powles
Sep 11th Mr Valentine yellow fever
“ 11th Abram C Herring at long [bruch?]
“ 16th Isaac C. Blauvelt died. 83
Oct 17th Henry J. Zabriskie died
Nov 1st Justin Demarest 81y
5th Mr James Smith Herring laid on the track, cars went over him so he died.
Dec 24th Mrs Sarah Matilda Demarest aged 45 her father died Sep 16th
Dec 26th Lany Blauvelt died Turkey
28th Adam Ackerman aged 82
22nd Rev James G Brinkerhoff “ 81
29th W. B. Corning died “ 77
Jan 6th Mr Tunis Blauvelt died
16th David Blackledge died
22nd James Van Antwerp died
16th 24th 2 of Mr Miles children died
22nd Mr Peter Ball “
26th Dr Hopper drugist “
Mrs. Wortendyke “
Ver Valen killed under the cars. Englewood.
Feb 3rd Frank H. Blauvelt died
10th Lawyer Blanch “
12th Sammy Haring “ , 84y
13th Smith Sarvent “
15th Mrs Van Horn “
21st Mrs Sophia Westervelt “ 91
March 13th John Hawkes was killed cars
Mary Ann Stephens
11th Mrs John DeClark died
Feb 24th Mr Albert G Lydecker died 92
March 22d Peter Colligon died
“ 30th Mrs Geo De Clark sister died
Mrs. Coppins died
April 7th Mr Jacob Tunis Blauvelt died
April 10th Mr Lansing Blauvelt died
16th 18th two of Mrs Mead daughters died
1877 Births
Dec 9th Mrs Sarah Ann Ward Cooper daughter
11th Mrs. Julia Hedges [Hodges?] Son
“ Mrs Wert
Mrs Maria Tallman daughter
1878 [Bi rths]
Jan Mrs Eliza Parsells dau.
April Mrs Eliza Duryea
Mrs J H Cole
Aug Mrs John Auryansen son
Aug 15th Mrs Durie Brickell daughter
Aug Mrs David Durie son
Sep 5th Mrs John Huyler son, Byron
Nov 14th Mrs. King, son
1879 [Births]
Feb Mrs. Ann Maria Mount, dau
“ 24 Mrs. Lorena Campbell
Jan 15th Mrs Lena Demarest
Feb 10th Mrs Gary Ackerman dau
March 4th Mrs Rolf Durie
Feb 24th Mrs. Lorena Campbell [a repeat]
April 16th Mrs. Lizzie M. Stephens, dau
Feb 18 Mrs Uphemia [Hauge?] Son
Oct 31st Mrs. Jim Kipp, daughter
Nov 3rd Mrs Peter Blackledge son
Oct 13th I heard that Mrs Elizabeth Kramer had a baby
Also Mrs. Amanda Bellinger. Mrs Eliza Utman
Sep 6th Mrs John Huyler, Son
Oct 14th Mrs. Gus Ward, twins
Nov Mrs Elizabeth Cove daughter
1879 [Deaths]
April 24th Daughter of John Sloat [Hout?] died in Chicago
“ 27th Mr Randall died
May 20th Miss Demarest died Sammy Shoemakers
June 23rd Mrs Lawrence M

“ 22nd Mr John Auryansen died Aged 80y 22days
May 9th Mr Cornell died

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