Paintings by Margaret Van Wagoner

The catalog card on the more colorful painting dated 1830 reads "Water color painting -- 1830 -- by Margareta Van Wagner who married John Demarest of the "Flatts", now Oradell -- black and brown frame. Cybele or Flora sitting in a chariot drawn by 2 lions. Cybele holds up a garland of flowers. In the painting on the right Cybele has a cornucopia and the chariot is being pulled by 2 tigers. Date: May 1921. Received from: Mrs. Charles Brower. Condition: Good.

I found a genealogy of a Margaret Van Wagoner (the name appears to often be spelled differently):

Margaret Van Wagoner was born on 16. May. 1810. She was the daughter of Jacob Van Wagoner and Eleanor Cooper. Margaret Van Wagoner married John D. Demarest, son of David J. Demarest and Catherine DeBaun, on 11. Oct. 1828 at Dutch Reformed Church, North Schraalenburgh, Bergen County, New Jersey. Margaret Van Wagoner died on 3. May. 1877 at age 66.

This would mean if this is the correct Margaret she would have been 14 years old when she painted the matching pair. Kevin Wright suggested it was a proof of accomplishment at a girls academy as a sampler or theorem painting would be. The third painting would have been painted when she was 20 and after she was married in 1828. This painting is actually in a Hackensack matchstick type frame. The matchsticking looks the same as the ornamentation on the Hackensack matchstick cupboards.

The matching pair were generously donated by a Demarest from California.

This is a work in progress, I will add to as able. -- Deborah Powell

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One of a pair. Painting from 1824, made for Margaret Zabriskie. The initials MVW are inscribed in the rim of urn.
Painting from 1830 with Hackensack Valley matchstick frame