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The Bergen County Historical Society republished the British Invasion & Washington's Retreat, November 20 & 21, 1776 Map.

The map illustrates events that took place in Bergen County November 20 & 21, 1776 -- described as the closest call of the war for Washington's army. Updates include routes, times and details of events in color, and newly discovered information. 18th century & modern roads are noted and differentiated to orient viewer.

Standard size:
24" x 18" on 10 pt matte card stock for easy framing.

A must have for anyone interested in Bergen County's history and the American Revolution.

BCHS Trustee Emeritus in memoriam Claire K. Tholl and others created the original map in 1992. Includes a sketch of the Zabriskie-Steuben House by Tholl. She wrote it is only extant house on the route in Bergen County.

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It was the darkest hour of the American Revolution.

After the defeats in the battles of Long Island, White Plains and Fort Washington, the Continental garrison of Fort Lee retreated when British invaders under Lord Cornwallis scaled the Palisades. Crossing the strategic New Bridge, Washington's troops were saved to fight another day but forced to start an epic retreat across the state to Pennsylvania with British troops in close pursuit. On November 21, an advancing British army drove the American rear guard from New Bridge, killing, wounding or capturing the detachment posted there.

British troops remained in Bergen County through January of 1777, which allowed the raising of hundreds of soldiers from amongst its Loyalist inhabitants.

New Bridge served as a battleground, fort, encampment ground, military headquarters, and intelligence-gathering post in every year of the American Revolution. The Steuben House, a state historic site, is the only extant building remaining from the 1776 Retreat through Bergen County and was Washington's HQ while 14,000 soldiers camped nearby for 2 weeks in 1780. It has been the Bergen County Historical Society's HQ since 1939. HNBL is only open for events by BCHS, the grounds are open dawn to dusk.
BCHS is the largest landowner at HNBL and the largest historical society in New Jersey.

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