Colonial-era broadside issued in 1768 by New Jersey’s last Colonial Governor, William Franklin.

18th century broadsides are exceedingly rare, especially those signed by Gov. Franklin. Thus, ours was certainly one-of-a-kind and very important for its rarity. We recently received a grant from the N.J. Historical Commission to have it restored and repaired by Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) in Andover, MA. A copy of the document is on view at the BCHS library.

It will appear in the book, “New Jersey Printing, 1754-1800. A Descriptive Bibliography,” by Joseph Felcone, is as follows:

New Jersey. Governor, 1763-1776 (William Franklin).

[Royal arms.] By His Excellency William Franklin, Esquire…A Proclamation. Whereas the due regulation and management of the prerogative court of this province…will greatly tend to the peace and security of the inhabitants of this colony…Given under my hand and seal at arms, at Burlington, the eleventh day of Februay…one thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight. William Franklin…[No imprint.] [1768.

Broadside. Broadsheet.

Type: Great primer. [arms are not in Reilly and do not match the arms on 1768 Stephen Skinner proc in PPL; Goddard could, of course, have had multiple arms cut.]

Paper: Foolscap, marked GR within floral sprigs surmounted by crown.

Leaf: 12.8 x 15.5 in.

Notes: Ordering changes in prerogative court procedures designed to stop abuses in the settling of estates and the licensing of marriages.

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