Bill of Sale for the Sloop “Union of Hackensack”.
16” x 10” Three page document is dated 1794 for the sale of the Sloop “Union” of Hackensack, being an American Merchant Ship which was originally built in Rochester, MA, in 1783. It is of one deck, one mast; 42 feet long, 22 tons, being a sale from the estate of Jost Zabriskie of Bergen County, NJ.

To All to whom these presents Shall Come Know Ye That We Jacob Terheun Wiert D Bonta, John D Bonta and Albert C Zabriskie Executon to the Estate of Jost Zabriskie Deceased of Bergan County & State of New Jersey. Owner s of the Sloop or Vessel Called the Union of Hackensack of the Burthen of Twenty two tons or thereabouts for and in Consideration of the Sum of One hundred Twenty Pounds Current Money of the State of New York to them in hand paid before the sealing and delivery of these presents by Martin Paulison of the County of Bergen & State of New Jersey The Receipt whereof they to hereby Acknowledge and themselves therewith fully satisfied contented & paid have bargained and Sold and by these presents do bargain and Sell unto the Said Martin Paulison his Executors Administrators and Assigns, All and every part of the said Sloop or Vessel Called the Union Aforesaid Together with all Singular the Mast bowsprit Sails Anchors Cables and All other necessaries thereunto Appertaining and belonging the Certificate of the Registry of Which Said Sloop or Vessel is as follows, to Wit:
   No 11 Elwin
Enrolment in Conformity to an Act of Congress of the United States of America entitled an Act for enrolling and Licensing Ships or Vessels in the Coasting trade and Fisheries and for Regulating the Same. George Zabriskey Mariner of Hackesack in the County of Bergen in the State of New Jersey having taken or Subscribed the Oath Required by the said Act and having Sworn that he is a Citizen of the United States Sole Owner of the Ship or Vessel called the Union of Hackensack. Whereof George Zabriskey as he has sworn is at present Master and is a Citizen of the United States and that the Said Ship or Vessel was built at Rochester in the State of Massachusets in the Year (of our Lord) one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty three as appears by a former Enrollment Granted a this Office the 29th of May 1792 No.154 now delivered up on the former Owner having Certified that the said ship or Vessel has One Deck and one mast and that her length is forty two feet Seven inches her breath is twelve feet nine inches her Depth four feet seven inches and that she measures Twenty two tons that she is a Square Stimed Sloop has no Gallery and no head And the said George Zabriskie having agreed to the Description and Admeasurement above Specified and sufficient security having been given According to the Said Act the said sloop has been duly enrolled at the port of perth Amboy –
Given under my had and seal at the port of Perth Amboy this first Day of August in the Year One thousand Seven hundred and ninety three-
To have and To Hold the Said Sloop Union of Hackensack and Appurtenancy thereunder belonging unto him the Said Martin Paulison his Executors Adminsitrators and Assigns to the sole and only proper use benefit and behoof of him the Said Matin Paulison his Executors Administrator and Assigns forever. And they the said Jacob Terheun Wiert D Bonta Albert C Zabriskie & John D Bonta Executors of the Estate of Jost Zabriskie Dec. have and by these presents do promise Covenant & Agree for themselves their heirs Executors & Administrators to and with the said Martin Paulison his Heirs Executors & Administrators to warrant and Defend the Said Sloop Union of Hackensack And all the Others before mentioned Appurtenances forever (the Restraint of princes, Rulers, Enemies, fire, and the Danger of the Seas Only excepted)-

In Testimony whereof they the Said Jacob Terheun Wiert Bonta Albert C Zabriskie & John D Bonta Executors of the Estate of Jost Zabriskie Deceased have hereunto set their Hands and Seals this Eighteenth day of October in the Year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and ninety four.

Sealed & Delivered      )            [signed] Jacob Terheun
In the presence of      )            [signed] Wiert Banta
The words John D Bonta   )            [signed] Albert C Zabriskie
On the third line being –   )            [signed] John Banta
first entered -         )
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