Haring Appliqué Quilt

Cotton quilt with twenty red-bordered, well-balanced and colorful squares of appliqué depictions with embroidered details; each object identified by pen inscription: Plumb (plum), Yellow peach, Horse Chesnut, Harts (hearts), Green Apples, Vace (vase) with Flowers, Cherry, Pair (pear), Lemons, Variegated Rose, China Aster, Raughton Black Bary, China Rose, Red Apple, The Eagle of America, French flower, Chinees Boat, Ring Fan, Strawbary Black Bary Baskets, Bell-flower, Six Shafted Bird of Paradise, Rooster, Kittons, Rose, Lilly Rose, Turkey, Bird Cage, Gees, Gees Pond, Sleigh Riding, Butter Fly, Buggy, table, Rusty coat apples, Rusty coat pair (pear), Dog, Squirrel, Cat, Pink piney (peony), Pear Tomatoes, Lilly (lily), Piny (peony), Pine Apple, China Rose, Decanter, Oranges, Goblet, Flower of the Dutch mans pipe Meersham, Strawbary, Red Apple, Lilly (lily), Plum, Piny (peony), Pretty Polly (a parrot), Cherry, Paris Rose, Cowslips, Shellflower, Tulip. Woman in blue dress holds open book inscribed: Betsey Haring made this quilt while in her 57th year of age 1869.
Date: 1869. Fabric: cotton. Size: 70"x 86.5".

Elizabeth Bogert, daughter of Mattheus Bogert and Maria Demarest, was born July 25, 1811. She married Peter D. Haring (1807-1864) at Tappan on July 5, 1828. She died December 21, 1890. An inventory of her estate listed a silk bed quilt (worth $10) and six bed quilts ($6). By her will, Betsey Haring of Harrington Township left an "album qult" to her daughter Anna Marie Onderdonk; "one crazy worsted quilt" her son Samuel B. Haring; a "silk quilt" to son Albert Z. Haring; a "diamond quilt" to granddaughter Lydia Haring; a "star quilt" to granddaughter Carry Doniker; a "curtain quilt" to grandson Newton; and a "calico quilt" to grandson David.

from Ladies Ramble, Quilts from the collections of the Bergen County Historical Society.
Written & Researched by Kevin Wright.

Copyright ©1996 by Bergen County Historical Society. All rights reserved.

Dutch Door Genealogy has an 1835 coverlet made for Betsey (Elizabeth Bogert) by I. Christie

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