The Bergen County Historical Society, a non-profit, volunteer, 501 (c)(3) organization, promotes preservation, study and appreciation of local history. There are over 4,000 objects in our museum collections, a collection begun in 1902. Public programs include educational events, museum exhibits, monthly lectures, placement of informative historical markers, and an extensive library and rare document collection. BCHS owns and maintains approximately 7 acres of land at Historic New Bridge Landing, River Edge, NJ.

6/2019 - 6/2020

President • James Smith
First Vice-President • Kate Reilly
Second Vice-President • Linda Masullo
Secretary • Christine George
Treasurer • Anthony Parisi

Lucille Bertram, Patricia Daurizio, Abi Duffany, John Eiel, H. Gelfand, Michael Ginch, Beverly Hasimoto, Linda Masullo, Cindy Piano, Denise Piccino, Carol Restivo and Steve Weigl.

Trustees Emeritus
Gerard O'Keefe, Manfred Wegner, Jack Goutsward, George Laurence

Trustees Emeritus In Memoriam
Gus and Jean Newman, Claire K. Tholl, David Whieldon

Past Presidents

James E. Purcell 10/2016-6/2018
Kevin Wright 6/2016-10/2016
Jim Smith 6/2010-6/2016
MIke Trepicchio 6/2010-6/2013
Deborah Powell 6/2007-6/2010
Kevin Wright 6/2004-6/2007
Todd Braisted 2003-04
John Heffernan 2000-03
Robert Griffin 1997-00
Amy Adamo 1994-97
Timothy A driance 1991-94
Frank Lawrence 1989-91
Janet Odence 1986-89
John E. Spring 1983-86
Richard W. Lenk, Jr. 1980-83
Leo R. Halligan 1977-80
Marden R. Nystrom 1974-77
Albert B. Deardon 1971-74
Emorie Leiby 1968-7
T. Robert Kammer 1966-68
James M. Ransom 1963-66
Frederick W. Bogert 1961-63
Henry Dobson 1958-61
Albert T. Carpenter 1955-58

From the BCHS Papers & Proceeding, 1920
RESOLVED: That the Third Section of the Certificate of Incorporation of this Society made February 15, 1907 stating the purpose of the Society be, and it hereby is, amended to read as follows: “Third: The object of the Society shall be to collect and preserve data and objects having historical significance, and papers and documents incidental to the civil, political, military and general history of the United States of America, particularly of Bergen County and its adjoining areas; the collection of genealogical, biographical and topographical information; the dissemination of sound historical data; the encouragement of patriotic sentiment, and the production and distribution of historical materials for education, with emphasis on stimulating interest in the history of our region.”