Bergen County Historical Society
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Dear neighbor and fellow citizen,

To fully appreciate what it means to be an American, we
invite you to experience History in one of the storied places
where it was made.

We offer a unique opportunity to show abiding gratitude
to all those who gave so much for the life of a free
Relying entirely upon volunteer contributions, the
Bergen County Historical Society is raising $350,000 to
construct a first-rate museum building and library on the
Society’s property at Historic New Bridge Landing. This
museum building will be built to replicate an eighteenth
century Dutch barn, so as to visually complement the
landmark stone houses while providing a proper
museum environment for thousands of irreplaceable
artifacts and documents of our Past.
Each object gives
meaning to a memorable moment in Bergen County’s
remarkable transition from colonial frontier to one of the
America’s most diverse and prosperous suburban counties.

DONATIONS: $311,000 Updated 10/11/2015

SOCIETY: $5,000+
Jim Purcell's July 50/50 Raffle, River Vale
Mary Donohue, Book Publication, River Edge
Sgt. Walter Scott Brown American Legion
Post 226,
River Edge $50,000
Bergen 350 Gala $38,000
Wayne and Barbara Thoen, Teaneck
Sgt. Walter Scott Brown American Legion
Post 226,
River Edge
Mac Borg, Englewood
NJ Militia Heard's Brigade, MATCHED
John & Linda Heffernan,

BENEFACTOR: $1,000 to 4,999
Stanley & Roberta Kober,
Michael Ryan in honor of his parents,
John and Diane Ryan,
Ridgefield Park
Michele Novak, NYC
Peter Banta, Asbury
Blauvelt-Demarest Foundation, Oradell
Robert L. Ranley, Newton
Dr. Charles Kaufman, Hillsdale
John & Linda Heffernan, Bergenfield
Joe Suplicki & Peggy Norris, Elmwood Park
The Philanthropic Fund & Kate Liebhold,

Mary Donohue, River Edge
George Van Riper,
Fair Lawn
The Philanthropic Fund & Kate Liebhold,
Englewood, MATCHED
Janet & Bill King, Tenafly
Deborah Powell & Kevin Wright,
River Edge
Sgt. Walter Scott Brown American Legion
Post 226,
River Edge
Outwater Militia, New Jersey
Naomi Rothschild,
Englewoood by Jennifer Rothschild
Irene Stella, Closter by Jennifer Rothschild
Bob & Eleanor Roth, Bergenfield
Bob Roth, Bergenfield, in Memory of Eleanor

PATRON: $500 to $999
Franklin B. Reinauer III,
Campbell-Christie House Society, Barbara O'Connor, New Milford
Commander Reiman, American Legion Post 272, Norwood
Stanley & Roberta Kober, Ho-Ho-Kus
Mr & Mrs James Dykes, Indianapolis, in Memory of Evelyn & Ruth Dykes
Outwater Militia
Jennifer Rothschild, South Nyack
Carol Dewar Miles, Bella Vista, AR
Robert & Flo Jennes, Teaneck
Patricia Levins, Tenafly
Herbert Forsberg, Ridgewood
John and Midas Hernandez,
Closter (Pledge)
Carol Greene, Mahwah
Klaus & Jerri Angermueller in memory of
Willard & Marjorie Somers,
Roosevelt School, River Edge
Mac Borg,
Woodland Park

CIRCLE: $100 to $499

Timothy Terrell, Woodbridge, VA
George Van Riper, Fair Lawn
Mr & Mrs. George Sherman, Westwood
Sheafe Satterthwaite, Salem, NY
Robert L. Ranley, Newton
Jim Purcell, Rivervale
Pascack Historical Society, Park Ridge
Paula B. Panepinto, North Arlington
William O'Keefe, Ringwood
Ida Astute Mascheroni, Township of Washington
Peter & Hope Marchbank, Davisburg, MI
Dr. Richard Lynch, Wyckoff
Jules C. Ladenheim, MD, Teaneck
Dr. Charles Kaufman, Hillsdale
Henry & Norma D. Z. Heaton, Hagerston
Norma Goetz, Teaneck
Avril Genton, Anderson, SC
Friends of the Hackensack River Greenway, Teaneck
Sarah Donnangelo, Mahwah

Marsha Demarest, Demarest Farms, Hillsdale
Donald Daume, Teaneck (2x)
Raymond Connolly, Park Ridge
Bergen Batting Center, River Edge
Ann L. Bennewitz, NYC
Kathryn & William Yeomans, Upper Saddle River
Robert Zimick, Demarest
Andrew & Carleen Wagner, Dumont
Thad Todd, Hackensack
James Smith, Ridgewood
J. Katherine Reilly, Fair Lawn (2x)
Janet & Bill King, Tenafly
Edith Halligan, Conttonwood Heights, UT
Peter & Hope Marchbank, Davisburg, MI, in Memory of Alec & Catherine Marchbank
Sandy Moscaritolo, River Edge (2x)
Eleanor & Martin Gruber, Ridgewood (2x)
Kate Liebhold, Englewood
Friends of the Hackensack River Greenway, River Edge
Garretson Forge & Farm Restoration, Fair Lawn
Sarah Donnangelo, Mahwah
Marsha Demarest, Hillsdale
Donald Daume, Teaneck
Robert & Jo Conger, Park Ridge
Christopher Bishop, DPO, AP
Lucille Bertram, New Milford
Bergen Batting Cage, River Edge
In memory of Ed Scheyer, Anonymous
Ronald Levine, Mahwah
Martin and Eleanor Gruber,
Ridgewood (3x!)
Frederick Schmidt, Oradell
Helen & Buddy Giordano, Tenafly
Elaine Pollack, Bergenfield
Carl Weil, Montvale
Dave Whieldon, Emerson
Robert Wong, Basking Ridge
George D. & Susan E. Fosdick, Ridgefield Park
Loretta Weinberg, Teaneck
Jane Willis,
Tenafly (2x)
Michael & Susan O'Keefe, Ringwood
Robert & Karen Zimick, Demarest
Jack & Janet George, River Edge
Sheafe Satterthwaite, Salem, NY (2x!)
Christopher Bishop,(3x)
Adelaide S. Van Winkle, FL
Richard & Diane Castino, Twp. Of Washington
Courtney Powell, Ocala, FL (3x!)
Robert & Jo Conger, Park Ridge (2x)
Jim Millinchuck, Walpole, NH
Carol Miles, Bella Vista, AR
Edie H. Halligan, Cottonwood Hgts (2x)
Marion Tandyrak, in name of Jeane Tandyrak
The Smith Family, Ridgewood
Joyce Gusmano, Boynton Beach
Deborah Powell & Kevin Wright, River Edge
Robert Ewalt & Elena K. Lau, Old Tappan
Alex & Gail Dever, Bergenfield
Tom and Diane Wolfe, Teaneck
Rudy and Evelyn Pachner, Hillsdale
3rd New Jersey, Bergen County
Gerard O'Keefe, Bergenfield
Robert & Pamelyn Varner, New Milford
Kathleen Meehan, Fort Lee
David & Francesca Moskowitz, River Vale
Phyllis Dunsay, River Edge
Thomas A. Jordan,

Carl Flaum, Paterson, in Memory of Thomas Flurchick
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Popp, FL
Susan B. Heilmann, Wyckoff
James W. & Patricia Cropsey, New City, NY
Jennifer Contreras, Dumont
Alex and Gail Dever, Bergenfield (2nd time)
John & Dee Cobianchi, Saddle Brook
J. Katherine Reilly, Fair Lawn
Alex Bennett, Villas
Gladys Blumeling, in her memory by
Charles Blumeling,
Firth Haring Fabend, Montclair, NJ (2nd time)
Dennis and Nancy Buttacavoli, Hasbrouck Hts
Thomas Jordan, Hackensack
Kathleen Moran, Bogota
Norwood American Legion Post 272, Norwood
Clifford Zink, Princeton
Al & Jeanne Dib, Hackensack (2x!)
Dee Ann Ipp, Teaneck
Judith Kilcullen, Studio City, CA
Dr. Joe and Annie Salvatore, Cape May, NJ
(formerly of Alpine, NJ)
Barbara Bosch, Hasbrouck Heights
Martin and Eleanor Gruber, Ridgewood (2nd time)
Martin and Norma Goetz, Teaneck
Keith Brickman, Cary, NC
Michelle Novak, NYC

Alex and Gail Dever,
Rusty Relics Car Club,
James Purcell, Norwood
Jim Madden, Wood Ridge
Maywood American Legion, Post No. 142
Tim & Noelle Beckemeyer,
River Vale
John & Nancy Locke,
Woodcliff Lake
Ed Purcell, Ramsey
George Menditto,
James E. Purcell,
Richard K. Purcell,
Rochelle Park
Joseph & Judy Sparacino,
Courtney Powell, FL
Jan Pranger, Hinsdale, IL

DONOR: $25 to $99
John George, River Edge
Elaine Giuglliano, Little Egg Harbor
Elaine Pollack, Bergenfield
Laura Poll, Freehold
Barbara Perry, Fort Lee
William Romaine, Irvington, NY
Rita Salemo, River Edge
Barry & Wendy Salkin, River Edge
Jim Madden, Woodridge
Joan Mach, Teaneck
Dr. Richard & Lynn Lynch, Wyckoff
Claire & Frank Lerant, Old Tappan
Commander Reiman, American Legion Post 272,
Irma & Janet Leeds, Paramus
Scott Kreisler, Park Ridge
Garretson Forge & Farm Restoration, Fair Lawn
Margaret E. Frontera, New Milford
Christiane Citron, Denver
Murray L. Berkowitz, Fort Lee
Doreen Cevasco, Rutherford
Todd & Sue Braisted, Mahwah
Afina Broekman, Fair Lawn
George Menditto, Hackensack
James E. Purcell,
Irma & Janet Leeds, Paramus
Dee Ann Ipp, Teaneck
Laura Poll, Freehold
John F. George, River Edge
Jeff Char, River Edge
Doreen Cevasco, Rutherford
Marjorie Johnson, Worthington, MA
George Menditto, Hackensack
Mr & Mrs George Sherman,
George Menditto, Hackensack
James E. Purcell,
Murray L. Berkowitz, Fort Lee
Joan Margulies,
Fort Lee, in Memory of Frank Cherubino
Robert Wills, Dumont
Denise & Faith Montesteri, in Memory of Joanne Carlino
J. Paul & Doris Ward, Albany
Rita Raftery, Ridgefield Park
Katherine Lessersohn, Oradell
Linda Huber, Franklin Lakes
James Tosone, Washington Twnshp (2x)
Peggy Schneider, Oradell
Nancy Wysocki, Haworth
E. Edward Hook, Franklin Lakes
Lisa Aljian, Esq., Paramus
George Kidney, Hasbrouck Hts
Richard & Lee Williams, Hackensack
Jeffrey & Anna Ng Chan, River Edge
Henry & Norma D. Z. Heaton, Hagerston
Irma Leeds, Paramus
Richard & Lee Williams, Norwood
Phyllis Angelo, River Edge
LIsa Aijian, Esq., Paramus
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Desind, In honor of Maria LoFranco
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Desind, In memory of Sylvia Watts
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Desind, In memory of Mr. Zelig Lowin
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Desind, In memory of Mr. Fred Yarkoni
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Desind, Paramus
The Bergen Button Club, Westwood
Ronnie Lefkowitz, River Edge
Albert Bey,
Joseph Petta, Fair Lawn
Kathleen Zintz,
Claire Lerant,
Old Tappan
Pamela Schwitter, River Edge,
in Memory of Mary Schwitter
Sandy Loft, Teaneck
John Gidney, Bergenfield
Wendy & Barry Salkin, River Edge
Flo Muller, Ridgefield Park
Ben Im, Fort Lee
Bob and Jo Conger, Park Ridge
George Emma,
Judith Grace, Teaneck

Dawn Langmaack,
Fort Lee

Marie Haisan,
Tannerville, PA
Dr. Steven Laifer,

Calvin Coolidge School, Wyckoff
Roosevelt School, (Mary Miller) River Edge
Demarest Middle School (Miss Caitlin Carroll) Demarest
Cliffside Park School 4 (Christie Giancola)
Cliffside Park
Gibbs Elementary School,  New Milford
Berkely Street Elementary (Patricia Aufiero)
New Milford
Country Road School, Demarest
Luther Less Emerson (Gladys Grossman),
Eleanor Roth, Bergenfield
Mahwah Museum Society, Mahwah
Eric Newman
in honor of
and Jeanne Newman, Hackensack
W. John Oddie,
Teresa Wright, Newton
Kevin Tremble, Tenafly
James Devine,
Carol Greene, Mahwah
Martin and Eleanor Gruber, Ridgewood
Todd Post, Arlington, VA
Edward Schreyer, River Edge
The Holland Society of NY & NJ
Priscilla Stahl,
Barbara Marchant
, Leonia
Robert and Florence Jennes, Teaneck
Mike Trepicchio, Teaneck
Frederick P. Schmidt, Oradell
Julia Van Haaften, NYC
James Mullins, VA
Ramsey Historical Association
Averil L. Genton
George and Phebe Banta, Poughkeepsie, NY
Stephen Flagg, M.D. of Hamden, CT
Mark and Linda Stovall, Cresskill
Judith VanBuskirk, Wayne, PA
William and Judith Joyce, Paramus
Albert and Jeanne Dib, Hackensack
William Romaine, Irvington, NY
Nicholas Voorhis Jr, NM
Stuart Schneider, Oradell
Rose Harvey, Delhi, Ontario.

Donations made in Memory of
Albert (Gus) and Jeanne (Mann) Newman

YMCA of Greater Bergen County
Kelly Family of Hackensack
Dowd Family of Livingston
Kwilos Famiy
Friends and Colleagues of
Lois (Maggie) Newman
   NORC at the University of Chicago
Lawrence Newman of Florida
Bobek and Pierson Families
of Hackensack
Griffith Family of Hawthorne
Grambone Family of Hawthorne
Wallace Family of Sarnac Lake, NY
Schoonmaker Family of Hackensack

Donations were made in Memory of
Gail Goldstein
Weinberg Family
of Teaneck
and others.

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BCHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
100% of your donation goes to the project.


Building Naming Rights: $350,000

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Jim Smith, BCHS President
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About the Organization

The Bergen County Historical Society (BCHS), a
501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization, founded in 1902 promotes preservation, study and appreciation of civil, political, military and the general history of the United States of America, particularly of Bergen County. Beginning in 1939, our museum collections were displayed at the Steuben House, a State Historic Site.

The museum and library collections comprise
The greatest survival of significant Jersey Dutch
artifacts and documents in the public domain.
There are over 4,000 objects in the museum
collection (not including the library and document

The Campbell-Christie House is located on
Bergen County Historical Society land. BCHS
operates the historic house museum and
provides programing at Historic New Bridge
Landing. Other activities include placement of
informative roadside Blue Historic Markers,
educational events, museum exhibits, monthly
lectures, and maintain museum & library

We are not a government agency. We receive no
regular or significant public funding, we rely on
private donations and membership.

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We file annual returns with the IRS and with the Charities Registration Section of the Division of Consumer Affairs in the NJ Office of the Attorney General. Our NJ Charities Registration Number is CH0447000. Information can be obtained at their website: