[Extract of the journal of an officer in the Royal Artillery Regiment.]

Wednesday the 23rd [September, 1778]

Lord Cornwallis cross’d over to Paulus Hook with the Brigade of Guards, 3rd & 4th Brigades of British Infantry, 2 Battallions of Grenadiers, 2 Battalions of Light Infantry, with the Brigade of Battalion Guns, attach’d to these Corps, the Provincial Battalion called “the Volunteers of Ireland,” and 100 Men from each of the two Regiments of Light Dragoons & a Detachment of the Provincial Legion; the whole amounting to about 7,000 Men & took post on the heights of Bergen.
On the 23rd & 24th General Knyphausen advanc’d from the Environs of Kingsbridge, about five Miles, with a body of about six thousand Men, & took post with his right to a Spot call’d Mile Square & his left to Philip’s house on the North River, the Queen’s American Rangers & a Detachment of the Legion being advanc’d about a Mile in front.
On the 24th Lord Cornwallis’s Corps mov’d forward & took a position with their right extending towards English Neighbourhood on the North River & their left towards Hackensack.

Sunday the 27th

A Corps from that part of the Army under Lord Cornwallis, was detach’d under the orders of Major General Gray, to endeavour to surprise a body of Rebel Militia, who escaped by the Information of two Deserters from the 37th Regiment; this Corps however fell in with & surpriz’d a Regiment of Dragoons, call’d Mrs. Washington’s Guards, under the Command of Lt. Col. Baylor at or near old Tappan; upwards of 100 Men were killed & wounded & 40 Men, together with the Lieutenant Colonel, Major, & other Officers, & 150 Horses, were taken, without a single Man being lost on the part of the British.

Sunday the 10th [October]

The Corps which had been advanc’d beyond Kingsbridge, under the Command of Lieutenant General Knyphausen fell back to their old Ground at & near the Bridge.

Wednesday the 14th

The Corps under Lord Cornwallis having fallen back to Bergen heights, cross’d the North River & took up their former Position on New York Island & Long Island.

Woolwich, Royal Artillery Institution, Journal of Military Operations in America from 17 June 1778 to the 31st December 1779, Ms. B3/14.