State of Virginia
Nelson County to Wit,

On this 10th day of September one thousand eight hundred & thirty three, personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace of the County of Nelson & State of Virginia, Bartlet Hawkins a resident of said County of Nelson & state of Virginia, aged (from the best information He possesses) seventy four years, or thereabout; Who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
That He entered the army of the United States in the Summer of seventeen hundred & seventy seven. He inlisted in Fredericksburg Virginia, under Capt. William Barret of Baylors Regiment of Cavalry, of the Virginia line, under which Capt. He served from the said summer of 1777, to until 1780, (after the battle of Guilford) when Capt. Swan took the command of the Company to which He belonged under whose command He continued until the 1st of May 1782, when He was discharged.
When He inlisted He was a resident of Orrange County Virginia of which County & State He is native, after the War He lived some years in Albemarle County Virginia & for twenty odd years past has been a resident of Nelson County Virginia. He the said Bartlett Hawkins after his enlistment in the summer of 1777, as above named continued in Fredericksburg Va, under the command of the said Capt. Barret, until the Spring of 1778, when He with his said company & under the command of his said Capt. Barret marched to the North by way of Alexandria, Baltimore, & Philadelphia, to Hackensack, where He the said Hawkins with his said company Joined the Regiment to which said Company belonged which said Regiment was then Commanded by Colo. George Baylor. He the said Hawkins was attached to his said Company & Regiment when the said Regiment was surprised in the Barn at Taupaun, or Herringtown, by General Grays Corps of the British Army, and He the said Hawkins, then & there received eighteen stabs with the bayonet, with which wounds He was closely confined for about five months, after which in February or March 1779 He joined the remnant of his Company then at Frederick Town in Maryland, from which place He marched with his Company to Fredericksburg Va, where the effects of his wounds again for a time disabled him. He then & there obtained a furlough to go to his friends in Orrange County Va, where He continued until He became able to march, & in the month of October following, marched to the South, & joined his said Company & Regiment at Providence in South Carrolina, this last Junction was in the month of November 1779. The said Regiment was then under the command of Colo. William Washington. He the said Bartlet Hawkins was with his said Company & Regiment at the battle of the Cowpens in January 1780 [sic-1781.] He was also with his Regiment during the retreat of General Greens retreat through North Carrolina into Virginia, when pursued by Cornwallis. He was with his company & Regiment at the battle of Guilford in march 1780 [sic-1781,] at which time & place Capt. Barret was wounded, & Capt. Swan took command of the Company to which He the said Hawkins belonged. He was at the battle of Eutaw in Sept. 1781 and in many skirmishes during the years 1780 & 1781, in one of which about the high hills of Santee, He was wounded in the foot, by a musket shot, which disabled him for a short time, except which disability He was very generaly in active service, with his company & Regiment from October seventeen hundred & seventy nine, until the 1st of May seventeen hundred & eighty two, when He was discharged at Camp Bakiers Bridge, near Dorchester in South Carolina. He constantly belonged to the Army of the united States, from the summer of seventeen hundred & seventy Seven, to the first of May seventeen hundred & eighty two and He was in constant service during that period, except when disabled by his wounds as above mentioned.
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension, or an annuity, except the present (saveing & excepting however his invalid pension certificate, the claim to which He thinks He has a legal right, in addition to this,) and He declares that his name is not on the Pension roll of any agency in every State, and that He receives nothing from the Government of the united States, or from any State Government, except the ninety six dollars pr annum, alowed him by the Federal Government, in consideration of his wounds received in the army of the united States, during the War of the Revolution, as above mentioned.
Bartlet X Hawkins

Sworn to & Subscribed the }
day & year aforesaid. }
William Massie

United States National Archives, Collection M-804, Pension and Bounty Land Application Files, No. S9562, Bartlett H. Fitzgerald (Bartlett Hawkins,) Virginia.