Schedule of Events




Tentative Public Schedule

Saturday, October 11.

10:00 AM Camps open to public.
10:30 AM American Forces formation.
11:00 AM Crown Forces formation.
1:00 PM Music Demonstration, Steuben House.
1:30 PM People of the American Revolution, Steuben House.
2:00 PM Artillery Demonstration, Steuben House (waterside.)
3:00 PM Attack on the Liberty Pole Picket!
5:00 PM Camps closed.

Sunday, October 12.

10:00 AM Camps open to public.
10:15 AM Church call, Steuben House.
10:45 AM Engineers Survey Fort Site.
11:00 AM Construction of Fort commences (Crown Forces.)
11:30 AM Arrival of Refugees/establishment of Refugee Camp at Fort.
1:00 PM Foraging at the Fort.
2:00 PM Miltia Rally at Campbell Christie House.
2:30 PM Attack on the Fort!
3:30 PM Camps closed, break camp.