Schedule of Events





The event will feature a number of activities and scenarios representative of what was happening in Bergen County 225 years ago, as well as those designed to educate the public.

Starting on Saturday Morning, visitors will have a chance to tour camps of authentically clad American and British troops, view troops drilling, and find out what it was like to be a soldier or civilian in 18th Century Bergen County. There will be demonstrations of artillery, music and a period Fashion Show.

Each day will feature a recreated battle based on a scenario that occurred during the time the British were in the county. Saturday will see the British attack on the small American post at the Liberty Pole. While the original site of the Liberty Pole is some miles away in Englewood, the grounds behind the Steuben House will be utilized for this battle. Sunday will see the British troops and their Loyalist allies building entrenching on the west side of the river, much as it occurred 225 years ago. In the afternoon, these works will be attacked, as it occurred on September 29th, 1778, less than a mile away.

The public is invited to tour the historic houses on the site, see a working out-kitchen, and perhaps come away with a memento from the gift shop. Admission to the event is free. Donations will be greatly appreciated!